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Intelligent Callback
for Cisco Contact Centers

Intelligent Callback for Cisco Contact Centers


As a sequel to our “Understanding Callback” Webinar, Swampfox is proud to present, Swampfox First In Line™ for Cisco Enterprise Contact Centers.

Even though callback solutions, like Cisco Courtesy Callback are often included in software licensing for Cisco UCCE/PCCE, the adoption remains lower than other platforms. Understanding the challenges for deployments in this space, First In Line has been designed from the ground up to meet the customer experience and operational management challenges of Cisco Enterprise Contact Centers.

In this webinar you will learn the packaged approach to Intelligent Callback that First In Line™ delivers through its feature rich set of capabilities, its packaged (rather than toolkit) approach that allows IT and line of business to share management duties, and its customer experience (CX) focus that puts your end customers “First In Mind” By focusing on these three major goals, First In Line delivers significant adoption and operational and financial benefits to contact centers.

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Thursday August 5th 

4:00 PM EST




Tom Hanson – VP of Sales and Marketing at Swampfox

Kirk Jubeck – Sr. Product Manager at Swampfox

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Our Callback Solution: First In Line

Our Intelligent Callback application, First In Line, is widely deployed in a variety of industries and support from medium to Enterprise call centers. With the power to immediately and dramatically improve call management and customer satisfaction, while reducing staffing costs and infrastructure expenses, your organization will thrive. First In Line is packed with advanced features, provides exceptional reporting, works seamlessly with your existing systems and provides turn-key solutions for both web and mobile devices.

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