Swampfox Technologies Drives Growth Through Callback for Large Contact Centers

Columbia, SC – July 20, 2021 – Swampfox Technologies, Inc. (Swampfox), is experiencing unprecedented growth in demand of their acclaimed Callback solution, First In Line (FIL), as large Contact Centers have struggled to absorb and manage increased call volumes with fewer contact center agents.  Contact centers use callback solutions to reduce caller hold-time and smooth call volume peaks and valleys, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, more efficient operations and reduced costs.  Because Swampfox’s callback solution has seamless integrations to the industry’s leading contact center technology platforms by Cisco and Avaya, customers are able to quickly reap the benefits of Callback.

Swampfox is doubling down on Callback.  In early July, the Company launched version 3.1 of First In Line, which is packed with new features to help Customers better understand when their callback is expected while also providing better implementation efficiencies for both Cisco and Avaya solutions.  First In Line is an intelligent callback solution, utilizing AI machine learning for prediction of the time for an inbound call to be answered by a contact center agent. Coupled with the ability for a customer to receive a text or “app” notification about their callback, First In Line better sets expectations so that callers can carry on with their day rather than having to “wait on queue” for an available agent to answer.  At its core, FIL continuously monitors caller hold time and agent availability and presents inbound callers with the estimated wait time and the options to stay on hold, receive a callback from the first available agent, or receive a callback during a specified date and time.  Additionally, FIL delivers the caller to an agent who has the skills and experience to quickly resolve the caller’s inquiry.

“The immediate impact that our customers experience when they implement First In Line is incredible to watch,” says Bob Cooper, CEO at Swampfox.  “When we engage with new customers, we really dig in to understand what our customer’s callers are experiencing.  Once we understand their business needs, technical infrastructure and workflows, we provide estimates of FIL’s impact relative to Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), abandon rates, hold times, first call resolution rates, resolution times and more.  When callers get that call when we told them it would happen it builds confidence in our customer’s brand and customer service operation and once the customer experiences callback live, they are a customer for life.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, contact centers experienced significant increases in inbound consumer calls as commerce shifted online from physical “storefronts.” Closures of physical offices, the shift to work from home and lack of international outsourcers are a few of the notable business challenging events that have sent contact centers reeling.  For these reasons and more, the industry has seen the number of available contact center agents plummet. By implementing a Callback solution, however, organizations can proactively manage and optimize staffing levels and call volumes.

“Callback is a seemingly simple fix to a truly complex problem,” says Cooper.  “However, the simplicity of the concept of Callback requires sophisticated management and interplay with Contact Center operations to make it work effectively. We are experts in the Contact Center and know how to deliver on the promise.  Now more than ever Swampfox is helping our customers take back control and provide world-class experiences for their customers.”


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