Swampfox Technologies Delivers for Cisco-Based Contact Centers with Latest Update of Callback Solution, First In Line 3.1

Columbia, SC – July 15, 2021 – Swampfox Technologies, Inc. (Swampfox), announced today the availability of First In Line (FIL) 3.1, the newest release of their industry acclaimed Callback solution.  First In Line 3.1, following prior releases for other platforms, is unique as Swampfox has dedicated the entire version to integrating and extending multiple Cisco contact center solutions.  Large contact centers which use Cisco UCCE and PCCE can now quickly and easily integrate Swampfox FIL Callback to reduce caller hold-time and smooth call volume peaks and valleys, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, more efficient operations and reduced costs.

Cisco is a market leader in contact center technologies and has broad portfolio of solutions.  With FIL 3.1, Swampfox has extended their feature-rich callback solution to support the leading enterprise contact centers from Cisco, including:  Cisco UCCE 12.5 – Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco CVP 12.5 – Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Cisco Call Manager, CUCM 12.5 – Cisco Unified Call Manager, Cisco PCCE 12.5, Packaged Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco Finesse 12.5, Cisco Virtualized Voice Browser 12.0, and Cisco Voice Gateway – Cisco ISR 4351.

“Deeper, more robust integrations with Cisco contact center technologies is an important step for our organization, partners and clients,” says Bob Cooper, CEO at Swampfox.  “While our solutions have enhanced Cisco’s contact center solutions for quite some time, with First In Line 3.1, we bring a complete packaged solution for managing callbacks and service levels that is lacking in native Cisco solutions.”


Swampfox First In Line 3.1 includes significant notable updates:


Cisco integration for UCCE/Finesse

Expands Swampfox callback services for Agent First, Customer First, ASAP and Scheduled callbacks with Cisco capabilities for desktop integration, web administration and comprehensive reporting.


Finesse Agent Desktop Integration

Expand Cisco capabilities with Swampfox to provide agents robust customer callback details including Agent First Preview with Caller Name and Caller reason for callback (both audio and text), callback details, and dispositioning of callback attempts with support for automated “leave behind” messages for voicemail systems. Supports Agent First Preview for dialing Extensions through Switchboards and automated attendants.


Predictive Customer Wait Time by using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

By using real-time contact center statistics through its patent-pending machine learning process, First In Line is able to more accurately predict wait times and deliver better customer experience and more efficient operations.


Web Mobile Client Updates

By augmenting the existing voice contact center operations with a digital interface, First In Line’s Web and Mobile client directs customers to the proper queue and agent with customer information already pre-populated (eliminating customer’s having to dial your toll free numbers and navigating through your IVR options to get to the same queue). Supports Caller Name capture, Caller Reason capture, Callback number and (optional) extension, (optional) geo-location information for mapping customer location, and more. Pre-built and fully configurable and can be styled through CSS.


Skill and Precision Queueing

Supports traditional single and multi-skill queuing as well as single step precision queuing using attribute-based routing with proficiency in each attribute to ensure customers are matched with agents to handle their inquiry.


Text (SMS) and Outlook Calendar Reminders

Ensures that customers are ready to receive their callback at the scheduled time with support for calendar and text (SMS) reminders.


“First In Line 3.1 is a clear message that ensuring our solutions are built for the various Cisco contact center platforms is important to Swampfox,” says Cooper.  “The bottom-line is that our solutions make Cisco-based contact centers more effective and enable a higher level of customer experience.  We don’t compete with Cisco, we enable Cisco clients to get more from their investment through our customer experience solutions.”


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