Swampfox is showing up Big at Avaya ENGAGE 2021


In addition to being a bronze sponsor, we have a featured presentation and a prime spot on the showroom floor!

We are thrilled about our upcoming presentation at Avaya ENGAGE and would love for you to join us.  Our topic is important, timely and real.

While the world has shifted for many individuals, families, and businesses in the last 18 months, it could be said that Contact Centers have potentially been faced with the most all-encompassing challenges. For them, the Pandemic has changed everything: the businesses that operate them, the technologies used to drive them, and the individuals who work in them.

At Swampfox, we’ve seen these seismic shifts play out 3-fold

  1. Global Pandemic Pressures such as major store closings, outsourcers outside of the US closing, increased reliance on self-service and more.
  2. Immediate Contact Center Pandemic Impacts such as higher volume of service and support needs, reduced access to viable customer service resources, and the new WFH paradigm.
  3. The Seismic Evolution for Contact Centers as companies must rethink management, employee expectations, work volumes, security, budgeting and so much more.

Join us on December 12th as we present at Avaya ENGAGE to learn exactly how we helped our clients adapt their Avaya infrastructure to meet these needs, and how you can adapt your business to this new world.

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Event Details


December 12 – 16, 2021

8:00 AM


December 12, 2021

1:50 PM


Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

1500 Epcot Resorts Boulevard

Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830




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Tom Hanson – VP of Sales and Marketing at Swampfox

Martin Cusack – VP Business Development

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Contact Center 202X

Customer Service has Permanently Changed

The Pandemic has changed everything for Contact Centers, the businesses that operate them, the technologies used to drive them, and the individuals who work in them. Ultimately, the Pandemic created:

  1. Higher volume of service and support inquiries for Contact Centers
  2. Reduced access to outsourcers to handle service and support inquiries
  3. A new WFH paradigm which required new processes, new management methods, new technology solutions and an onslaught of new challenges for employees