Swampfox Featured in CIO Mag: Intelligent Customer Experience for Utility Companies

February 10th, 2020 – Amidst growing customer demands and regulations around consumer privacy, companies in the utilities sector are constantly looking for ways to reduce customer churn by providing valuable customer experiences. Today’s customers demand convenience, and to that end, delivering them the information they need, whenever they need, can go a long way in nurturing their brand loyalty. By bringing exceptional self-service and contact center solutions to the market, Swampfox Technologies is empowering organizations to build intelligent customer experiences while reducing ongoing costs and simplifying operational complexity. Initially part of Avaya, the Swampfox team was instrumental in developing the award-winning Avaya Voice Portal and Avaya Experience Portal platforms (while at Avaya), which are widely utilized by many of the largest utility companies around the world. Today, as an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner, Swampfox offers robust products and solutions, through an on-premise or hosted SaaS model, to help large and mid-size utility companies deliver rich customer experiences.

Swampfox’s Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) software platform offers intelligent routing and customer experience management for single and multiple call-center deployments through its DRM (Dynamic Route Manager) and IG (Intelligent GreetingTM) applications. With its IG product, the company allows for better personalization and engages callers by anticipating what their queries are. Bob Cooper, the CEO of Swampfox, explains, “If we send a text message to remind users about their overdue bill and they call within a given time frame, there is a good chance that they are calling the contact center to enquire about the recent message. We measure the success of calls that are greeted in this manner, and many of our clients have witnessed a significant improvement in containment rates using our product.” IG, coupled with the company’s ICX platform, makes the caller experience even more personal and tailors each interaction to customers’ unique needs and preferences.

Through intelligent, user-aware experiences across voice and digital (chatbot, chat, SMS, email and mobile) interactions, ICX offers comprehensive and flexible customer experience management. With Swampfox’s innovative solutions, clients can also enable their customers to schedule a callback whenever they find convenient, through the website or mobile app. From traditional identification and verification of the customer to understanding of intent for the contact, natural-language and touch-tone self-service applications, Swampfox manages and enhances the entire gamut of customer experience and reduces operational expenses.

Cooper goes on to explain the benefits of their solutions through a recent engagement with one of their clients. One of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S. collaborated with Swampfox to bring all their outbound communications in house and deliver them on multi-channel platforms including SMS, voice, email, along with iOS/Android notifications for serving their customers effectively. Moreover, the client had extremely stringent load testing requirements. As such, Swampfox worked closely with them on product requirements and stress testing. Additionally, the client also leveraged Swampfox’s callback technology to ensure they meet the required SLAs.

“Our goal is to create solutions by combining the technology we have with the lessons learned by working with some of the largest utility companies, and then offer those solutions in a way that customers can leverage the technology they already have in place,” notes Cooper. Serving as an extension of the customer’s team—business and technical—rather than a vendor, Swampfox develops long-lasting relationships with customers. Cooper mentions that Swampfox plans to expand internationally and provide its solutions via a hosted model to the mid-size utilities market. With its roots firmly embedded in Avaya and Cisco, the company intends to render its products and services on a diverse set of platforms— offered either by large hosted players, such as Amazon and Google, or more traditional call center players.

Source: https://utilities.cioreview.com/vendor/2020/swampfox_technologies

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