Solution Update: Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) 4.0

July, 2023


ICX 4.0 delivers a comprehensive set of features and enhancements that empower organizations to optimize customer journeys, drive operational efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience. From tailored announcements to advanced intent resolution strategies, this release equips organizations with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer interactions and achieve their business objectives.

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Core Features

Intelligent Customer Experience includes the following Core Features:

Robust Integrations

Customer Experience (CX) Management

Integrated Reporting

Cloud in a Snap

User Friendly GUI

Advanced Interaction Flow Editor

Robust Integrations

Customer Experience (CX) Management

Integrated Reporting

Cloud in a Snap

User Friendly GUI

Advanced Interaction Flow Editor

Notable Updates

Improved Customer Branded Experience

ICX 4.0 introduces enhancements to the overall Customer Branded experience, allowing organizations to provide a highly customized and engaging journey for their customers.

Feature Insights

  • Individually Customized Announcement Sets:
    ICX 4.0 enables organizations to create Announcement Sets tailored to specific customer segments, languages, brands, and functional areas. This customization ensures that customers receive personalized and relevant announcements throughout their journey, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Dynamic Brands:
    ICX 4.0 enables organizations to match customer provided or enterprise information to dynamically manage brand and customer experience objectives.

Enhanced Customer Identity Collection, Verification, and Intent Capture

ICX 4.0 introduces advancements in customer identification, verification, and intent capture, enabling organizations to better understand and cater to their customers’ needs. These enhancements streamline the process of collecting customer information, verifying their identities, and capturing their intentions accurately with reduced friction ensuring that accurate customer information is collected. This results in improved data quality, increased security, and enhanced customer trust.

Feature Insights

  • Enhanced Customer Identity Collection and Verification:
    With the support of Application Group Management of Flows, ICX 4.0 simplifies the process of collecting and verifying customer identities. Application Group Flow Management facilitates ID capture and Verification capture Interaction Flows, ensuring a streamlined and secure customer identification process.
  • Intent Capture Flows:
    ICX 4.0 provides Application Group support for Intent Capture Flows, enabling organizations to capture customer intentions in through intuitive, frictionless methods include Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Intelligent Greeting Predictive Intent Flows, Menu/IVR Flows, and Digital Intent Captures. This versatility allows organizations to capture customer intents accurately and resolve customer needs with high customer satisfaction.

Intent Resolution with Additional Resolution Types

ICX 4.0 introduces enhanced resolution types, including Transfer Exits for Agent Resources (Skilled, Attribute, Behavior Paired) and Service Exits for Self-service Resources (IVA, IVR, Chatbot). The enhanced resolution types in ICX 4.0 offer significant value to organizations by providing efficient and effective solutions for addressing customer intents and needs.

By leveraging Transfer Exits and Service Exits, organizations can optimize resource allocation, provide personalized support, and deliver seamless self-service options. This results in improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Feature Insights

  • Transfer Exits:
    Enable organizations to optimize the utilization of skilled contact center agents or human experts. By routing customer interactions to the most appropriate resources, organizations can ensure that customers receive personalized and expert support. This leads to improved first-contact resolution rates, reduced handling times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This feature enables organizations to intelligently route customer interactions to skilled contact center agents or human experts based on various factors such as Service Hours, Holiday Hours, Staffing Levels, Skill Levels, and Resource Constraints.

    With Transfer Exits, organizations can ensure that customer queries are directed to the most suitable resources for resolution, optimizing the customer experience and operational efficiency.

    Once an Agent resolves a customer intention from a Transfer Exit, ICX can capture additional intents for additional service options (for example, resetting a password and then checking on an outstanding service ticket).

  • Service Exits:
    Empower organizations to leverage self-service resources for issue resolution. By offering automated self-service options, organizations can provide customers with immediate assistance, reducing wait times and freeing up agent resources. Service Exits improve operational efficiency, enable 24/7 customer support, and enhance the overall customer experience. This feature empowers organizations to leverage existing or new IVR applications, Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, and digital applications to address customer queries without the need for human agents. Service Exits provide a seamless and efficient self-service experience for customers, reducing wait times and enabling quick issue resolution.

    Once a Service Exit resolves a customer intention, ICX can capture additional intents for additional service options (for example, paying a bill and then subsequently scheduling the bill for additional payments).

By considering Transfer Exits and Service Exits holistically using ICX 4.0’s Advanced Segmentation (detailed later), organizations can apply specific rules and constraints to tailor the routing process to their unique business needs. This enables better cost management, optimized resource utilization, and improved service levels across different customer segments.

    New Administrative Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    ICX 4.0 introduces a completely redesigned administrative GUI that provides a clear separation between global assets and customer journey-specific management. The snapshot view allows easy management of local configuration assets, while the customer journey editor offers a drag-and-drop interaction flow design experience. This intuitive interface simplifies configuration and enhances the overall management of customer engagements.

    Feature Insights

    • Customer Journey View:  
      The Administrative View of the Customer Journey in the ICX platform offers a comprehensive and visual representation of the logical steps involved in a customer’s interaction. Users can easily navigate through each stage, from capturing customer needs to the ultimate resolution of those needs. This view provides a clear and organized overview of the entire customer journey, allowing administrators to identify and optimize each step for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. With this feature, administrators can gain valuable insights into the progression of customer interactions, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhancements that align with customer expectations.
    • Global Configuration and Assets:
      Through advanced management capabilities for global configuration and assets, ICX 4.0 provides administrators with streamlined integration and management of assets such as dialogs, scripts, recordings, and announcement sets. The centralized approach allows for effective asset management, ensuring consistent and coherent customer experiences across multiple channels. By providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive control over global configurations, ICX 4.0 enables administrators to efficiently optimize and update assets, resulting in enhanced customer interactions and improved operational efficiency.

    Interaction Flow Editor

    ICX 4.0 introduces an advanced Interaction Flow Editor, empowering organizations to design seamless and engaging customer interactions. With a drag-and-drop interface, this editor facilitates the orchestration of modules containing VoiceXML, SCXML, Orchestration Designer, or other interaction flows. It enables the creation of dynamic and personalized customer journeys with features such as announcements, branching, delays, scripting, intent setting, assigning results, and even offering First In Line™ callbacks.

    Feature Insights

    • Drag-and-Drop Design:
      The Interaction Flow Editor simplifies the design process by providing a visual interface for creating interaction flows. Users can drag and drop modules, such as voice prompts, branching, delays, scripting, intent setting, and result assignment, to construct comprehensive customer journeys.
    • Modularization for Quicker Development:
      By modularizing Orchestration Designer Applications, ICX 4.0 enables quicker development cycles. Organizations can reuse and combine modules to streamline the creation of interaction flows, allowing them to respond rapidly to changing customer demands and market dynamics.
    • VoiceXML and SCXML Support:
      The Interaction Flow Editor supports VoiceXML and SCXML, industry-standard languages for creating voice and multimodal applications in addition to existing Avaya Orchestration Designer applications. With the ability to use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) applications, “touch-tone” and directed dialog speech applications, this compatibility enables organizations to leverage their existing assets and expertise while designing rich and interactive customer interactions.
    • Enhanced Interaction Flow Management:
      ICX 4.0 provides advanced flow management capabilities within the Interaction Flow Editor. Organizations can easily configure announcements, branching paths, delays, scripting logic (through open standards-based Java Expression, JEXL scripting), intent capturing, and result assignment to create seamless and personalized customer journeys.

    Editor for Intent Resolution Strategies

    ICX 4.0 introduces the innovative “Foxly” Editor, a powerful tool for designing Intent Resolution Strategies that enable organizations to intelligently manage customer intent and optimize their customer experience. The Foxly Editor goes beyond traditional business rule-based routing by leveraging Customer Attributes to perform segmentation and provide alternative intent resolutions based on real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other dynamic factors.

    The new “Foxly” editor in ICX 4.0 enables the design of intent resolution strategies. It provides real-time evaluation of contact center key performance indicators (KPIs), including estimated wait time for agent resources, real-time staffing, occupancy, service level metrics, and exceptions such as scheduled opening/closing and staff breaks all aligned around Customer Segments based on enterprise provided attributes. Organizations can optimize their intent resolution processes based on real-time operational insights

    Feature Insights

    • Customer Attribute-based Segmentation:
      The Editor empowers organizations to segment customers based on their attributes, allowing for personalized and targeted intent resolution strategies. By considering customer-specific information such as preferences, purchase history, loyalty status, and more, organizations can deliver tailored experiences and effectively address customer needs.
    • Real-time KPI Evaluation:
      With the Editor, organizations can evaluate real-time KPIs such as Estimated Wait Time for an available agent, Staffing Levels, Occupancy Levels, and the Cost of Resources. This capability enables intelligent decision-making by factoring in the current operational state and resource availability when determining the most appropriate intent resolution.
    • Adaptive Intent Resolution: The Editor allows for the design of intent resolution strategies that dynamically adapt to changing circumstances. It considers both real-time KPIs and static elements, such as Agent Scheduling and key Workforce Management events like ramp-up, end of day, training, and more. By incorporating these factors into the decision-making process, organizations can optimize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency.
    • Drag and Drop Simplicity with Business Parameter Support:
      The Foxly Editor in ICX 4.0 offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies the design of intent resolution strategies. Organizations can easily create and modify complex workflows without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise. The editor supports the use of business parameters, allowing organizations to define and manage specific rules and guidelines for Business Users, Workforce Managers, and Agent Supervisors to manage outcomes.

      This combination of drag and drop simplicity and business parameter support enables organizations to efficiently customize their intent resolution strategies, saving time and effort in development. It provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and optimize the customer experience by aligning workflows with specific goals and requirements.

    Announcement Set, Recording Management and Generation from 5 Gen Cloud TTS

    Organizations can now efficiently manage and deploy a wide range of voice prompts and announcements by easily bulk uploading pre-recorded announcements and associated metadata. This comprehensive approach allows for seamless integration with TTS capabilities, enabling the generation of dynamic and lifelike voice recordings. This streamlined process improves operational efficiency, enhances customer interactions with high-quality audio, and provides flexibility in managing and customizing voice prompts. By leveraging cloud-based TTS services, organizations can achieve cost savings and access advanced speech synthesis technologies.

    Feature Insights

    • Bulk Script Uploading:
      ICX 4.0 simplifies the management of recording scripts by providing a bulk uploading functionality. Organizations can efficiently upload many recording scripts in various languages, making it easier to handle and maintain a comprehensive library of voice prompts and announcements.
    • Announcement Set Management:
      With ICX 4.0, organizations can holistically manage their Announcement Sets, which encompass both pre-recorded announcements and TTS-generated content. The platform provides a centralized interface for configuring, organizing, and controlling the flow of announcements, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout the customer journey.
    • Cloud TTS Integration:
      This release offers seamless integration with popular cloud-based TTS services including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. By utilizing these services, ICX 4.0 can generate high-quality voice recordings on-demand, ensuring a natural and engaging customer experience.

    Advanced Dashboards and Session Detail Reports

    ICX 4.0 improves our advanced dashboards and detailed reports, offering key capabilities that enhance visibility and provide valuable insights into contact handling and staffing resources. With the ability to filter and sort, users can easily customize their view to focus on specific metrics or time periods of interest. The dashboards display real-time information, enabling organizations to monitor contact center operations in the moment and make data-driven decisions. In addition, the historic trending information allows for a comprehensive analysis of performance over time, identifying patterns, trends, and areas for improvement.

    The “Just In time” reports also offer a detailed view of decisioning and customer journey data. Users can delve into the specific interactions, actions, and decisions that occurred throughout the customer journey, gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior and the effectiveness of different strategies. This level of detail helps organizations optimize their processes and make informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

    Feature Insights

    • Improved Filtering and Sorting:
      The advanced dashboards and detailed reports in ICX 4.0 allow users to apply filters and sorting options to the displayed data. This feature enables users to focus on specific metrics, time ranges, or other criteria, making it easier to analyze and understand the information relevant to their needs.
    • Real-time Information:
      The dashboards provide real-time data on contact handling and staffing resources, giving users an up-to-the-minute view of contact center operations. This feature enables organizations to monitor performance in real-time, identify potential issues or bottlenecks, and take immediate action to optimize resource allocation and improve customer service.
    • Historic Trending:
      ICX 4.0’s advanced dashboards allow users to explore historic trending information. This feature provides a long-term perspective on contact center performance, enabling organizations to identify patterns, track progress over time, and make informed decisions based on historical data.
    • Detailed View of Decisioning and Customer Journey:
      Users can drill down into specific interactions, actions, and decisions, gaining deep insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of different strategies.

    Enhanced Roles-Based Access Control

    To enhance management flexibility, ICX 4.0 expands roles-based access control to include “ICX Parameter Groups”. This feature allows IT teams to design strategies, interactions, and operational guidelines that can be selectively modified by business users. It provides a controlled environment for adapting system behavior without impacting core systems.

    Feature Insights

    • Managed Access:
      ICX 4.0 offers comprehensive role-based access control, allowing administrators to define roles and assign specific permissions to different user groups. This ensures that users only have access to the functionalities and data relevant to their responsibilities, enhancing security and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
    • Dynamic Parameter Group Management:
      The release includes dynamic parameter group management, enabling administrators to define custom parameter groups that control the behavior of the system. This feature allows business users with granted permissions to manage specific aspects of the system, such as operational guidelines or interaction strategies, without requiring technical expertise. It provides flexibility and agility in adapting to changing business requirements while maintaining centralized control.
    • Audit Trails:
      ICX 4.0 incorporates robust audit trail functionality, providing administrators with a detailed record of changes made to system parameters. This feature tracks modifications made by users, including who made the changes and when they were made. The audit trail enhances transparency, accountability, and compliance by allowing administrators to monitor and review system modifications, ensuring that any unauthorized or unintended changes can be identified and addressed promptly.

    Dynamic Scaling and High Availability of ICX Servers in a Kubernetes Cluster

    The Dynamic Scaling feature in Swampfox ICX allows for the provisioning and de-provisioning of ICX servers within a Kubernetes cluster based on real-time demand. When administrators detect an increase in demand, IT administrators can automatically allocate additional ICX servers to handle the load. Conversely, when demand decreases, IT administrators can release ICX servers. ICX stops routing new sessions to any released ICX server while allowing existing sessions to complete. Once all running requests on the server are complete, the system automatically removes that server from the cluster.

    In addition, if an ICX Server within a Kubernetes Cluster fails completely, or the Kubernetes node that is running an ICX Server becomes unavailable, the integration between Kubernetes and ICX will reallocate that server, restart it, and attach it to the ICX system

    Feature Insights

    • Optimized Resource Utilization:
      By dynamically scaling the number of ICX servers, you only use the resources you need. This leads to cost savings and more efficient use of your Kubernetes cluster.
    • Improved Customer Experience:
      The ability to quickly scale up resources means that the system can handle sudden spikes in demand, ensuring that customer requests are processed quickly and efficiently.
    • Operational Efficiency:
      The automated scaling eliminates the need for heavy manual intervention, freeing up your IT staff to focus on other tasks.
    • High Availability:
      By adjusting the number of servers, ICX ensures that there are always enough resources to handle incoming requests, thereby reducing the risk of system downtime.
    • Seamless Transitions:
      The feature allows for a smooth transition as it stops routing new sessions to servers that are about to be removed but lets existing sessions complete, ensuring that customer interactions are not interrupted.
    • Cable Company Example:
      This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations that experience variable demand, as it allows them to maintain high levels of customer service while optimizing resource usage. As an example, a Cable company can ramp up resources for heavy daytime usage – when most customers are contacting the company for customer support – and ramp down in the evening, allowing for back-office operations to use more resources. It can also ramp up resources quickly for weather or event needs.


    Intelligent Customer Experience 4.0 (ICX) has been tested and certified by Swampfox with Avaya Experience Portal 8.1 and Avaya Aura Communication Manager and AES 10.1 and later.

    AEP 7.1+

    CM 8.1+