Solution Update: First In Line (FIL) 2.5 for Avaya

September, 2021


The First In Line™ (FIL) 2.5 release helps administrators manage queue operations and control the customer journey within the callback application. This update includes improvements to the dashboard, expanded configuration options and more robust reporting. Additionally, we have deepened the integration with Swampfox Intelligent Customer Experience™ (ICX) for seamless control of the customer journey through callback services.


Core Features

First In Line Callback includes the following Core Features:

Scheduled Callbacks

Immediate Callbacks (ASAP)

Customer First Callbacks

Agent First Callbacks

Mobile Device & Website Integration

Mobile Device & Website Client (App)

Notable Updates

Dashboard Improvements

The First In Line Dashboard is the primary interface administrators use to manage callback services. As businesses grow their operations, contact centers offer callback to an increasing number of queues which in turn, creates a more robust dashboard. With our dashboard improvements, administrators have greater control over their screen space and access to more advanced metrics.

Feature Insights

New Estimated Wait Time (EWT) Source Information

The Estimated Wait Time Source shows which source is used for calculating the EWT and includes an indicator to let you know when EWT override is in use.

Show/Hide Scheduled Callbacks Statistic

To help customers conserve screen space on the dashboard, we have added the ability to show/hide the Scheduled Callbacks column. This allows managers without scheduled callbacks in their queues to hide the statistics to provide better structure and dashboard views. This feature is especially helpful for larger contact center organizations.

Multi-Level Queue Grouping

Allows improved organization of Queue Groups in a Parent => Child relationships. In turn, this enables queues to be nested, then expanded and collapsed, ultimately allowing users to conserve screen space on the dashboard.

Dashboard Data Interface

Information available on the dashboard is now available for export to external sources via database access, complete with documentation for each field displayed. This is useful if callback dashboard data needs to be displayed in external systems or other dashboard products.

Customer Experience Configuration

With First In Line, we further empower you to carefully tailor your customer’s experiences. Armed with even more control, administrators can configure service by queue, to serve the business needs of different business units within the enterprise.

Feature Insights

Split Service Hours

When configuring holidays and service hours, First In Line now allows administrators to configure schedules that have multiple open hour segments within a day. This allows flexibility for contact centers that have multiple open periods during regular service hours or within a holiday.

Customize Wait Treatment by Queue

First In Line now offers the configuration of the Wait Treatment for customer first callbacks at the queue level, in addition to the global level. This provides more granular control of the customer experience that may be required by different business units.

Web and Mobile Client (WMC)

Enhancements to the First In Line Web and Mobile Client (WMC) expand to serve a wider audience of customers while providing powerful tools to help you deploy and debug even faster!

Feature Insights

Multi-lingual support for the WMC

The First In Line Web and Mobile Client application allows users to enroll into callbacks via a simple digital interface. Out of the box, this application is readily deployed into your organization’s website.  Language is set by the user’s browser language or by passing in a locale parameter.  Available languages include English, Spanish and French.

Integration with Swampfox Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX)

First In Line Callback is integrated with the Swampfox Intelligent Customer Experience™  (ICX) platform to provide broad capabilities for the complete customer journey. New integration enhancements extend those capabilities for more flexible customer segmentation and treatment.

Feature Insights

First In Line integrated with ICX can now provide open/closed hours and scheduled callback availability based on the customer’s time zone. This allows control of customer segmentation and callback volumes to match agent staffing levels when customers from multiple time-zones are served within a single service queue.

Predictive Wait Time by using AI/ML

Understanding customer experiences related to Wait Time are key to engagement. Setting accurate expectations and meeting those expectations will build confidence and buy-in for your brand.  Using real-time contact center statistics through Machine Learning (ML), First In Line is able to more accurately predict Wait Times and deliver better customer experience and more efficient operations.

Feature Insights

Swampfox calculates Estimated Wait Time using our Patent Pending Estimated Wait Time Prediction Engine.  Powered by Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this break-through feature allows First In Line to rapidly determine if a callback should be offered to a customer, as well as the estimated wait time to talk to an agent or receive a callback. Additionally, this release includes performance enhancements to reduce resource loads on the system when using AI prediction.

Text (SMS) and MS Outlook (Outlook)

Text and Outlook reminders ensure that customers are ready to receive their scheduled callback at the agreed upon time. First In Line takes traditional reminders to the next level by enabling your customers to interactively engage to further customize their customer journey. Customers can Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule a callback at the touch of a button. Ultimately, this feature will not only save your agents’ valuable time but will also improve callback completion rates!

Feature Insights

  • Send SMS Reminders to those who have enrolled in scheduled callbacks via both traditional voice and the Web and Mobile Client.
  • Outlook calendar reminder functionality ensures customers remember when they scheduled their callback by adding it to their calendar.
  • Administrative interface allows for customization of SMS messaging.
  • Empowers users to Allows users to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule a callback.

SMS Reminders

You can fully customize your SMS reminder message and timing.

Calendar Reminders

Allows customers enrolling in a callback to download an invite file to add the reminder to their Outlook calendar.


New enhancements to reporting capabilities help administrators gain a better understanding of the results of callback offers and operations, including system utilization.

Feature Insights

Offer Details Report

The new Offer Details Report allows administrators to drill into specific calls to understand what happened within the offer including the queue, VDN, time of offer, estimated wait time predicted, and if the caller accepted or declined the offer. This report includes offers from all inbound calls, Web and Mobile Client (WMC), and through the First In Line client API, regardless of whether it resulted in a callback or not.

Port Usage Report

The new Port Usage Report helps administrators understand how many First In Line ports are being utilized by the system for callback operations. This is helpful to understand if the demand for callback matches available system resources.

Callback Details Report

The Callback Details Report now includes additional fields to better understand each agent’s handling of callbacks. These fields help answer questions like:

  • Which agents handled the callback?
  • Which agents are not dispositioning calls properly?
  • How long do agents preview customer records?


First In Line™ (FIL) 2.5 has been tested and certified by Swampfox with Avaya Experience Portal 8.0.3 and Communication Manager 8.1.3

FIL 2.5 Supports

  • AEP 7.2.x, 8.x
  • CM 7.x and 8.1.1+

NOTE: Contact Swampfox for more specific version compatibility