Solution Update: First In Line (FIL) 3.1 for Cisco

July, 2021


In First In Line (FIL) 3.1, we have extended our industry acclaimed Callback solution to support the leading Enterprise Contact Center’s from Cisco.


Core Features

First In Line Callback includes the following Core Features:

Scheduled Callbacks

Immediate Callbacks (ASAP)

Customer First Callbacks

Agent First Callbacks

Mobile Device & Website Integration

Mobile Device & Website Client (App)

Notable Updates

Cisco integration for UCCE/Finesse

Expand capabilities for callback services on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) platform with a feature packed solution including Cisco Finesse Desktop integration, web administration, and comprehensive reporting. First In Line provides a holistic solution unlike typical Cisco callback deployments that use a toolkit approach with limited functionality.

Feature Insights

With our newest release of First In Line, our focus was not only to integrate into existing Cisco systems (UCCE, PCCE, CVP, Finesse) but to bring functionality that other solutions lack in the Cisco marketplace when it comes to callback capabilities. We will go into more detail regarding these features below.

Finesse Agent Desktop Integration

Provide agents the callback information they need to prepare for their engagement with the customer within the desktop environment they already know. This information can include caller name and reason for callback (both audio and text), Callback details, other important account information and even location based data. Agents are also provided with extension left by the customer to allow the agent to easily dial through auto attendants/receptionists when applicable.

Predictive Customer Wait Time by using Artificial
Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Understanding customer experiences related to wait time are key to engagement. Setting accurate expectations and meeting those expectations to build confidence and buy-in for your brand. By using real-time contact center statistics through machine learning, First In Line is able to more accurately predict wait times and deliver better customer experience and more efficient operations.

Feature Insights

By utilizing our Patent Pending AI Machine learning- based estimated wait time prediction, we are able to set customer expectations so that they know when an agent will potentially become available when they choose to receive a callback ASAP (or as soon as possible).

Web Mobile Client Updates

Web and mobile deployments over a traditional Voice Contact Center organization speeds Digital Transformation in a unified approach. By leveraging the existing voice contact center operations with a digital interface, First In Line’s Web and Mobile client directs customers to the proper queue and agent with customer information already pre-populated (eliminating customer’s having to dial your toll free numbers and navigating through your IVR options to get to the same queue).

Feature Insights

With our web mobile client, we are able to instantly provide end users with a digital channel to schedule callbacks. Our web mobile client can be easily embedded onto your website, within chatbot workflows or through sending an SMS with a link to the client to allow end customers to easily schedule both ASAP and Scheduled callbacks.

Skill and Precision Queueing

Supports traditional single and multi-skill queuing as well as single step precision queuing using attribute based routing with proficiency in each attribute to ensure customers are matched with agents to handle their inquiry.

Feature Insights

  • Skill Queueing – Supports single and multi-skill queuing
  • Precision Queueing – supports single step precision queueing using attribute based routing w/ proficiency in each attribute.

Text (SMS) and Outlook Calendar Reminders

Ensures that customers are ready to have their callback delivered at the scheduled time with support for calendar and text (SMS) reminders. Responses to text messages allow callers to cancel and reschedule to save agents valuable time. Reminders improve callback completion rates.

Feature Insights

  • We support the ability to send SMS text reminders to those who have enrolled in callbacks via traditional IVR and WMC (Web Mobile Client).
  • Outlook calendar reminders can be used when enrolling in a callback on the WMC to ensure customers remember when they scheduled their callback by adding it to their calendar.
  • Administrative interface allows for customization of text message reminder messaging.
  • Also includes the ability to have users cancel and reschedule callbacks directly from the SMS that they are sent if they no longer require a callback or would like to reschedule.

FIL Supports Cisco, Including:

Cisco UCCE 12.5 – Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Cisco CVP 12.5 – Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal
Cisco Call Manager, CUCM 12.5 – Cisco Unified Call Manager
Cisco PCCE 12.5, Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
Cisco Finesse 12.5
Cisco Virtualized Voice Browser 12.0
Cisco Voice Gateway – Cisco ISR 4351