Solution Update: First In Line (FIL) 2.6

June, 2023


The First In Line™ (FIL) 2.6 release is primarily focused on giving administrators greater reporting capabilities within the callback application. Additionally, we have validated the integration with Avaya AEP/OD 8.1 and CM 10, as well as Redhat/Rocky Linux 8.5 and Windows 2022.


Core Features

First In Line Callback includes the following Core Features:

Scheduled Callbacks

Immediate Callbacks (ASAP)

Customer First Callbacks

Agent First Callbacks

Mobile Device & Website Integration

Mobile Device & Website Client (App)

Notable Updates

Reports – Reorganize and Add Reports

Reports have been reorganized into Summary reports that drill down into Details reports for each type of report. This provides an easier way to navigate through queues to see queue level statistics and then the user can select a row to drill into details in the Details reports.

Reports – Layout Improvements

Provides additional space for reporting information by moving report navigation to the main navigation menu.  This allows more filter options, scheduled jobs, and report data to be shown on the same screen space.

Reports – Total Results Displayed

Total Results Count Provided in the Report result pane provide more detail about the results when navigating through the pages of results

Reports – Drilldown

Drill From Summary results to Details Reports with a single mouse click on a row in the summary report. The user navigates to the details report with all applicable report filters being preserved when drilling into the details report so the results match what was set in the summary report filters.

Report Export Formats

Provides ability to export Detail reports to comma separated values (CSV) format and Excel (xls) format to allow easier import of transactional information into external systems such as enterprise BI and reporting, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Excel Format – Includes Meta Data

CSV Format – Headers and Data Only

Admin Interface – System Naming

Provides administrators the ability to configure a system name and color. The name and color are shown on the login and at the top of the main navigation bar to help administrators easily identify the system they’re currently administering. This helps reduce manual errors when administering multiple systems with multiple browser tabs open at the same time.

Environment and Infrastructure Updates

FIL 2.6 has been validated to support:

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Redhat/Rocky Linux, version 8.5+
  • Avaya Communication Manager 10
  • Avaya Experience Portal (AEP) and Orchestration Designer 8.1