Swampfox & IAUG Present
Realizing Innovate in Place

Using Intelligent Callback to Boost CX in the Avaya Contact Center

Innovate In Place creates a new paradigm
for Contact Center Transformation

Join us for this informative session where Contact Center experts from Swampfox Technologies will showcase how you can elevate customer service by optimizing your existing contact center resources. Swampfox will share real-world customer stories that illustrate how our clients have successfully implemented our Intelligent Callback solution, First In Line (FIL), to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

In the current Contact Center climate, moving to the cloud is often presented as the only option to easily deliver voice and digital customer service. Through our previously discussed Innovate in Place methodology, Swampfox has implemented its feature-rich multi-channel Callback solution that was designed to specifically take advantage of existing on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Intelligent Callback Solutions can be used to drastically improve both Customer Experience and Operational costs then this session is for you.  

Here are just a few high-level examples of the transformative impact First In Line has had on our actual customers:

  • Health Care Insurance: Saved callers from having to listen to over 351 DAYS of hold music while reducing caller abandons by 50%
  • Banking: Proactively managed peak call volumes to reduce contact center staffing needs by 3 full-time equivalents resources (FTE)  (during a time of active expansion)
  • Telecom: Enabled a major telecom enterprise to support both Inhouse and Outsourced resources to better mange CX by allowing them to utilize existing routing to facilitate scheduled callbacks in any time zone, while seamlessly transferring relevant customer information to the agent.

Event Details


Apr 19th, 2023

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


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Innovate in Place, a Pragmatic, yet Mind-Blowing, Approach to Contact Center Transformation

Radically unleash the power of your legacy Solutions, Systems & Applications through Technology Recomposition.

Innovate in Place:  a Business Transformation and Performance Improvement Strategy where an organization’s older, legacy technologies are transmuted into integrated building blocks and synchronously platformed to create a more scalable, adaptable and powerful business solution.  Innovate in Place is built upon the technique of Technology Recomposition.  

Ultimately, an organization is able to extend the life of legacy technologies and evolve overall systems capabilities while improving team efficiency and performance.  Lastly, this approach creates a flexible pathway for Cloud utilization, migration and adoption.