ICX Platform

Enhance & Empower Your Existing CC Infrastructure

Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) provides enterprise Contact Centers with the ability to instantly improve virtually every touchpoint in your customer journey by extending the features and capabilities of your existing solutions. In essence, we make your current tools more powerful, while integrating all of your customer systems and provide advance management and reporting for improved operations and oversight.



Get More from Your Existing Contact Center Solutions

The ICX Platform lays gently on top of your existing Contact Center infrastructure without complexity and overhead. Once it is integrated with the systems in your environment, its primary mission is to take the temperature of your touchpoint solutions and enhance these legacy solutions with advanced features and capabilities by invoking any custom or Swampfox application that is purpose built for the job.

A Single View for the Full Customer Experience

By bringing together the systems and data from throughout your customer engagement and support infrastructure we harness a greater capability for you to understand the entire customer journey while enable you to dig deep to inspect any individual component.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.

Extend Your Existing Investment

Extend your existing investment for Contact Center infrastructure and solutions and maintain your current business processes and assets without interruption.

Quick to Implement

ICX has been purpose built for operational simplicity. As we developed this transformational solution, we knew that it had to be simple to implement and configure, so that our customers get immediate value with minor interruption.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise in the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.


Robust Integration

ICX has native hooks into a broad array of solutions and systems, including CRM, call management, self-service, routing, agent desktop and more. We instantly connect and integrate all the data that matters to provide a single source of power and control.

Integrated Reporting

With the ICX Platform, you have a single management and reporting Framework that pairs with your underlying Contact Center to deliver and orchestrate the entire customer service experience and each step within the customer journey.

Experts for CX Management

Cloud and Managed Services brings a Customer focus for CX that lets you focus on managing your staffing, quality and training while we focus on your Customer’s experience.

Customer Experience (CX) Management

With your fully integrated and consolidated view of the customer experience, you will have greater insight into what is working and what needs attention to improve your customer service, agent satisfaction and more.

Cloud in a Snap

Provides a path for customers to move some or all of their customer experience solutions to the cloud, providing operational expense (opex) methods of purchasing and increasing flexibility while decreasing ongoing effort.

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