VOX - Voice of Experience

Successful businesses today understand the value and importance of keeping a pulse on their customers and staff. By utilizing surveys, companies gain insight into:

  • How customers perceive company image
  • How customer service programs are performing to meet their goals
  • How the products/services that the company provides are performing
  • How the business can better meet the needs of their customers and remedy any issues originating from a negative customer experience
  • Valuable market insight straight from the source; their customer base

By listening to the voice of your customer, you not only show your customers that you care about their opinions, but also gain valuable information to build customer intelligence. This feedback can later be analyzed and compared with additional data gathered, call characteristics and agent characteristics to identify any correlation between the caller’s experience and customer feedback to identify positive or negative trends to improve overall customer experience.

Swampfox Voice of Experience™ (VOX) empowers your customers to provide feedback based on their unique experience with your products and customer service. Further, VOX provides you with the necessary information to proactively rescue customers who have had a negative experience or reward positive experiences by alerting management and providing insight into customer service management tools.

Swampfox Voice of Experience™ is the evolution of traditional “post-call survey” applications that simply record survey responses. VOX captures and correlates customer sentiment with contact center metrics and empowers you to improve overall customer experience.

Voice of Experience’s feature set includes:

  • Browser based administration, prompt and administrative dashboard – Gives users an easy way to configure prompts for surveys as well as view current statistics.
  • Extensive contact center and agent monitoring using Avaya AES Computer Telephony Services, Avaya Elite Contact Center and Avaya Experience Portal
  • Provides insight into real-time call center and agent behavior so that customer responses are correlated with their call and agent characteristics.
  • Survey Management for enrollment, contact monitoring and operations - Gives administrators complete control over survey enrollment, contact monitoring and survey operations.
  • Flexible Survey Segmentation - Control over survey frequency (sampling, recent survey, etc.)
  • Touch-tone (DTMF) and Speech Recognition with support for multiple languages – Provides your customers flexibility for how they leave feedback in their preferred language
  • Rich and Proven Survey Interactions with Flow Control, Data Validation, and Flexible Question Design and options.

Reporting Features

  • Predefined reports with filters for summary, trend, and distribution data analysis
    • Gives you the tools to see and correlate results between customer responses and their call characteristics and agent characteristics.
    • Gives your work force management, tools to holistically manage their agent and customer service workforce
  • Email and export to CSV/XLS/PDF - Ability to easily export reports to be distributed.
  • Report Summaries - Summarization by customers’ responses across skills, agent groups, and individual agents.

Enterprise Features

  • Active Directory/LDAP Support - Allows for easy configuration of users using existing LDAP systems.
  • High Availability Recovery – Supports mission critical contact centers for maximum up time.

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