Outbound Campaign Manager

Being able to proactively contact and engage a customer is core for customer service today. How one goes about contacting and engaging, however, separates your company from the competition.

Swampfox specializes in Proactive Engagement applications with an end-to-end practice built around…

  • Discovery of the customer care and sales tasks that are key to engagement,
  • Mapping of customer needs and demographics to the best way to engage (whether on automated voice/IVR channels, SMS, email, live agent, or mobile application),
  • Implementation of the best solution (whether Swampfox’s Outbound Campaign Manager™, Avaya’s Proactive Outreach Manager, or custom solutions),
  • and ongoing Support and tuning of the solution for maximum effectiveness.

Swampfox Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM), engages your customers on the right channel at the right time. By giving customers the choice to be reached via SMS, email, automated voice interactions (IVR) or a contact center agent, OCM customizes every interaction to meet your business goals while simultaneously delivering personalized experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.

OCM proactively engages customers to alert them of changes in status, provides them the ability to transact with the enterprise, engage with your contact center staff, enter a contact disposition and manage the contact strategy.

OCM features:

  • Contact Lists can be batch-uploaded, pulled dynamically from databases, or updated and added on the fly through Web Service Interfaces
  • Contact Lists are scrubbed in real-time, ensuring that compliance and customer preferences are maintained.
  • Automated Notifications through
    • Voice/IVR interactions: dynamically generated recorded and synthesized prompts
    • SMS: sends customized text messages with dynamic content
    • Email: sends customized email messages with dynamic content
    • The ability to link to Web/mobile Web content
  • Automated Interactions through
    • Voice/IVR interactions: speech/touch tone interfaces and business logic to complete transactions such as bill payment, updated status, and confirmation of appointments.
    • SMS: 2-way SMS interactions with a user over a short- or medium-term duration
    • Email: 2-way email interactions can send/receive information and transact based on received email
    • Mobile Web (HTML5) interfaces to support more sophisticated interactions
  • Power/Progressive Agent Dialing
    • Supports dialing and over dialing to customers, detects a live person, and connects them to an agent
    • Supports “Screen Pop”, display of Campaign/Contact Information for the customer at an Agent Position through the Swampfox Agent Desktop or customized desktop if required
    • Supports integrated CRM or Enterprise Applications through Swampfox Agent Desktop by passing context and campaign information to the CRM desktop (integrated within the single pane of “glass”)
    • Supports selection of the proper Agent through Avaya CM/Elite EAS
    • Monitors agent availability through CTI/AES to ensure that agents are available to answer calls
    • Performs advanced call classification and detects live answers so that only live connections are sent to your agents
    • Provides the ability for the Agent to enter dispositions for the call attempt/contact attempt through API or through integrated Swampfox Agent Desktop™
  • Preview Dialing
    • Supports preview dialing by connecting to an Agent through CM/Elite routing
    • Provides ability for the Agent to preview Contact Record and choose to call/connect
    • Timed or Agent selected Preview
    • Allows the Agent to participate in the progress of a call (listening to ringing/answering machine/etc.) to enter dispositions for the contact attempt
    • Manages playing of customized messages or SMS/Email follow-ups if a live person is not available
    • Provides the ability for the Agent to enter dispositions for the call attempt/contact attempt through API or through integrated Swampfox Agent Desktop™
  • Additional Features
    • Places telephone calls to your customers during the appropriate hours of operations, contact center staffing, and list restrictions.
    • Includes powerful retry and rescheduling functions with automated answering machine, live person, and network detection functions.
    • Calls customers at their choice of callback number (home, work, or mobile) using your contact center’s callback number (your 800 number).
    • Runs customized IVR applications that deliver business notifications, confirm appointments, collect payments, and more.
    • Delivers agent-based Progressive and Preview contacts, ensuring that a skilled agent is available and prepared to talk to your clients before connecting.
    • Supports 2-way SMS Interactions and email notifications that can trigger smartphone applications and escalate across these interaction channels.
    • Includes extensive reports that show real-time and historic operational data and value delivery.
    • Is personalized to your business and fully integrated with Avaya’s Call Center Elite and Avaya Experience Portal platforms.
  • Additional Technical Features
    • High availability and high-scale architecture to meet mission-critical requirements
    • Advanced call classification capability of Avaya Experience Portal with Campaign Strategy support for retry and answering machine notifications
    • Integration with flat file, database and web services for real-time update of campaign data sources.
    • Support of voice, SMS, and email dialogs for interactive interaction
    • Skills-based progressive and preview dialing modes with support for Swampfox Agent Desktop
    • Real-time dashboard for easy management
    • Enterprise grade, roles-based access control
    • English and Spanish support

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