ICX - Intelligent Customer Experience

Swampfox Intelligent Customer Experience™ (ICX) balances customer experience, achieves service levels and delights customers through intelligent engagements simplifying your management and creating lifetime customer value.

ICX delivers comprehensive and flexible customer experience management through intelligent, user-aware experiences across voice and digital (chatbot, chat, SMS, email and mobile) interactions.

ICX consists of two major elements:

  • ICX’s Intelligent Greeting™ (IG) engine manages orchestration of voice and digital experiences. Informed and drive by AI-inside™ (machine learning), Intelligent Greetings proactively engage your customer with the most relevant interaction on the most relevant channel. Whether traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) interactions, intelligent virtual assistants, “chatbots” or visual IVR, IG proactively engages and delivers containment based on customer needs.
  • ICX’s Dynamic Route Manager™ (DRM) engine orchestrates customer routing across channel to deliver the customer to the ideal agent (person) resource. By dramatically simplifying the management and reporting of customer handling and routing, DRM unlocks the value you have based on your contact center and outsourcer infrastructure. DRM considers customer segments, business rules, and real-time contact center statistics to provide differentiated customer experience by routing service requests (contacts and calls) to contact centers, queues and attributes, always considering your explicit business rules to meet your center’s service levels.

ICX Proactively Engages your Customers for Better Containment
Provides Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)

  • ICX delivers better containment of customers by proactively offering relevant self-service tasks that let customers say “yes” to a relevant transaction like account status, bill pay, or renewals.
  • ICX proactively engages customers with the most relevant self-service interaction (“intelligent greeting”) using context, rules and analytics, thus reducing customer effort and improving containment.

ICX Simplifies the Job of Management
ICX unlocks the inherent value of your Contact Center

  • ICX simplifies management by removing dial-plan management, association of vectors, queues, and splits and centralizing routing and queueing decisions into a unified and easy to manage environment.
  • ICX integrates contact center statistics and intelligently applies this information to the selection of agent resources, across one or more contact centers (in-house/outsourcers), improving occupancy, reducing costs and delighting customers.
  • ICX considers enterprise data (customer specific), contact center conditions (agents, skills, wait times, etc.), and customer-provided information, to provide the best resource (IVR or agent) to solve customers’ issues, thus increasing their satisfaction and reducing agent handle time.

ICX Breaks Down Barriers for Customer Experience

  • ICX automates the process of identifying your customers and verifying their identity to ensure that your applications and agents always deliver a better customer experience resulting in shorter handle times and higher agent satisfaction.
  • ICX dynamically introduces services for callback/service level management (First In Line™), proactive engagement (Outbound Campaign Manager™), and customer sentiment (Voice of Experience™) to seamlessly deliver the best interactions, resulting in better customer experience and maximizing lifetime customer value.

Intelligent Customer Experience™ (ICX)


  • Simplifies Management of Lines of Business, Brands, and Service Level Objectives by removing complex and error-prone toll-free number (TFN), Vector Directory Number (VDN), and dial plan management.
  • Supercharges your customer’s interactions and announcements by replacing legacy and fragile announce boards with flexible and powerful experience portal software.
  • Invokes Intelligent Greetings modules to gather Identification and Verification (ID&V) to gather context for service and routing decisions
  • Unifies management of hours of operation, calendars, and skill-based staffing for self-service and agent-based service at your contact centers
  • Manages intelligent orchestration of services for callback offers, survey offers, outbound service enrollment, and custom applications
  • Delivers “customer of one” treatment through segmentation and multiple, prioritized routing and contact handling strategies in both Surplus Caller and Surplus Agent conditions
    • Manages Surplus Caller Conditions by Business Function across one or more contact centers through percent allocation, estimated wait time, service level measures, and scripted routing
    • Manages Surplus Agent Conditions by Business Function across one or more contact centers through Least Occupied Agent (LOA), Most Idle Agent (MIA), Available Agents, Staffed Agents and scripted routing
  • Instantaneous configuration, rollback and shared management through Enterprise Level Management with the industry first offline Loading of Configuration, Staging, Commit, Rollback and Export of prioritized management configuration snapshots
  • Unified Administrative Interface for Routing, Intelligent Greeting and Vector Variable Administration with full Roles-based Access Control
  • Delivers detailed reports and metrics for understanding of customer routing and handling
  • Enables digital channel support for Smartphones, Web Services, and Agent Desktops

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