First In Line

For many call center operations, Service Level Management is a minute-by-minute ordeal. Constantly balancing agent-staffing levels and expertise against wait times and call handle times has many call center managers playing a perpetual game of “air traffic controller.” At the same time, end-customers suffer through long and uneven wait times that could cause customers to leave and never come back.

Swampfox has solved this problem by providing a better approach to Service Level Management through First In Line™. Swampfox First In Line doesn’t simply focus on Service Level Management; it also understands the broader implications around Customer Experience and therefore brings a laser focus to the end-user experience.

Customer’s can contact you however and whenever they find convenient, through your website, through your mobile app, or through phone even if you centers are closed and schedule a callback for when you have time and capacity to serve them.

First In Line 2.1 features include the following:

  • First In Line automated callback: Monitors overall customer experience through calculation of customer specific Expected Wait Time (EWT) and offers customer options to opt-in for immediate or scheduled callback.
  • Immediate (As soon as possible) Callback: Manages position within queue for requested agent skills and proactively calls customer first and connects to proper agent, virtually holding their place in line. This releases your customers from having to listen to hold music and releases you from paying for hundreds of hours of toll fees, trunking, and agent staffing.
  • Scheduled Callback: Offers the ability for a customer to choose from a variety of times in the future to schedule a callback for the requested skill-set required to resolve their request.
  • Callback Modes:
    • Customer First Callbacks: Calls customers before connect to an agent (see below for more detail).
    • Agent First Callbacks: Calls agents before connect to a caller (see below for more detail). Any queue can be either Customer or Agent first, on the same system, and can be changed from day to day depending on goals.
  • Managed Callback Levels: Reserves slots during the day on a per skill basis to help manage staffing levels, effectively shifting peak times of demand into valleys of available agent time.
  • Support for Multiple Language Interfaces: Supports English, Spanish and French Canadian interfaces for a pan-American solution.
  • Support for both Speech Recognition and touch-tone interfaces: Allows end-users to have seamless experience from their mobile phones without having to search for the touch-tone keypad on their mobile phone
  • Full Dashboard and Operational Reporting: Gives you minute-by-minute statistics on the effectiveness of the system
  • Business Reporting: Allows you to enter trunk, agent, and supervision costs and provides financial metrics to justify your investment
  • Optional API for mobile and web integration: Web services API that allows direct integration into your web or mobile application environment
  • Optional Customer Configurable Web and Mobile Web Client: See below for more details.
  • Fault-tolerant/duplicated architecture

Standard Callback Modes

Customer First Callbacks: Monitors queue positions and calls your customers, verifies your customer’s availability and then connects to your agent staff, reducing agent occupancy at times of peak demand, when you can least afford to have agents listen to ringing.
Agent First Callbacks: Monitors queue positions and calls your agents first. FIL then provides, through either “whisper” controls or with the optional Swampfox Agent Desktop, the ability for agents to Preview a callback listening to important details about the callback including the reason a caller was calling, who they are and even where they are, before having the agent connect to the customer. True “white glove” service (no waiting for the customer) and supports agents dialing through “switchboards” at offices.

Optional Web and Mobile Web Client

A completely configurable, “out of the box” experience. It allows you to deploy true digital channel interfaces without engaging development of design resources.


  • Fully skinnable with your language, logos, and even your own styles through standard CSS support.
  • Behavior follows FIL driven requirements around
  • Estimated Wait Time Expectation Setting
  • Open or closed for “as soon as possible” callbacks and contact center operational hours
  • Scheduled Callback Appointments
  • Naming of queues and intents
  • Collects names, emails, reason for calling and even geographic location.

Optional Swampfox Agent Desktop Support

“Screen Pop” support for Caller First Contacts from optional Swampfox integrated “CTI” projects -and- from Web and Mobile web client, providing end to end digital channel strategy

  • Previews caller information for Agent First Contacts supporting Agents ability to
  • Listen to and view Caller Name and Reason
  • Callback details
  • Geographic location
  • Supports Agents ability to dial and easily categorize callback attempts as the “right party” or an answering machine, releasing agents from having to leave messages, leaving the heavy lifting to First In Line.

“First-In-Line from Swampfox Technologies has really helped us manage call volume while at the same time giving our callers the benefits of not having to wait on the line. While the ASAP [As soon as possible] callback feature is nice, the biggest improvement has been scheduled callbacks, that allows us to manage the demand and steer traffic away from our peak hours. This makes it easier for us to staff the call center while also giving our callers more options.”

– Mattias Liljeberg, Telecom System Administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

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