Products Overview

Swampfox Intelligent Customer Experience™ (ICX) offers intelligent routing and customer experience management for single and multiple call-center deployments through its DRM (Dynamic Route Manager) and IG (Intelligent Greeting) modules.

  • Brings intelligent customer experience management through dynamic application of interactions that delight customers and drive efficiency across your contact centers, inhouse or outsourcers alike.

Swampfox First In Line™ offers intelligent callback services to meet customer service metrics while minimizing costs associated with overstaffing.

  • Features scheduled and as-soon-as-possible callbacks, speech and touch-tone interfaces, and a rich client API for web and mobile apps built on Swampfox’s highly available foundational services.

Swampfox Outbound Campaign Manager™ offers proactive, multichannel outbound services including automated IVR, SMS, email, and agent-based services.

  • Notifications, outreach and engagement and compliance across automated multi-channel interactions. Supports agent Preview and Power/Progressive dialing with integrated blending.

Swampfox Agent Desktop™ offers a rich agent desktop experience that plugins into Swampfox inbound and outbound applications, delivering advanced call control, integrated application integration, with support for integrated CRM systems.

Swampfox Voice of Experience™ offers post-call survey applications capturing customer sentiment through voice, SMS, and mobile applications.

Swampfox Agent Assist™ offers agent productivity and compliance services through secure data capture (credit card/identity).

Swampfox Service Observer™ allows you to observe and record the entire customer experience through a SIP-based approach.

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