Cloud Hosting

Transparent Hosting™ is for customers who value customer experience but don’t have or want the “heavy lifting” associated with maintaining the IVR, Speech Applications, and other associated self-service applications.

  • Increasingly, enterprises understand that customer experience as delivered through Speech/DTMF and multichannel services (IVR, SMS, Email, Web) are as intricate to their brand as ongoing management of their contact center workforce. Customers spend over $30,000-$40,000 per agent position, per year, including salary, management, monitoring, compliance, routing, and building/infrastructure.
  • Self-service/IVR and other automated services dramatically lower the cost of providing service, but only if those services can meet the needs of their customers. An out-of-date, malfunctioning, or suboptimal solution will only cause the customer to press 0 to get to an agent, which defeats much of the point of the investment.
  • One of the challenges in operating IVR and self-service automation is that it is quite different from operating a contact center. Much of contact center operations are dedicated to ensuring that calls are connected to a properly trained agent. Meanwhile, contact center supervision is focused on recruiting, training, managing, monitoring, and scheduling and evaluating agents to ensure they are properly representing the business. With automation (IVR) systems deployed often 30-60 percent of a caller’s experience is spent with the “IVR” and not the call center agent.

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