Outbound Campaign Manager

Proactive & Engaging Customer Communications


Proactively communicate and engage with your customers through Swampfox’s feature rich omnichannel outbound solution. Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM), makes customer outreach more efficient and effective for both your customers and your Contact Center. OCM integrates with your existing contact center and backend enterprise systems to streamline your campaign execution to achieve business goals and maximize the value of your existing investments. Elevate the customer experience by engaging your customers with personalization on the right channel at the right time with full multi-channel support, including SMS, smartphone app notifications, email, automated voice interactions (IVR) and live agent.


Create Personalized Experience

Deliver proactive, personalized engagement strategies and tactics that builds lifetime customer relationships and value. Based upon customer preference, you will be able to connect with your ustomer via SMS, email, automated voice interactions (IVR) and live agent.

Balance CX & Agent Workload

Agent Preview, Progressive and Power Dial Campaigns provides control to balance great customer experience with agent and resource efficiencies using flexible campaign strategies via digital, automated and agent interactions.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise with the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.

Get the word out, NOW!

Whether in support of a business process change, such as updated billing status, service outages or, appointment reminders, OCM is a powerful tool that enables your organization’s ability to react quickly and easily to communication opportunities.

A Complete Solution

OCM is a robust solution that enables, manages and provides in-depth reporting for your outbound communication campaigns. The solution has a comprehensive list of features and functions, integrates flawlessly with your existing Contact Center Systems and supports a broad multi-channel communication strategy.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.


Personalized Omnichannel

Swampfox Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM), engages your customers on the right channel at the right time with relevant, personalized interactions. Reach customers on their preferred channel(s) via SMS, Smartphone App Notifications, email, automated voice interactions (IVR) or a contact center agent. OCM customizes every interaction to meet your business goals while simultaneously delivering personalized experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Dynamic Campaign Strategies

Flexible multi-channel campaign strategies manage when and how contacts are reached to maximize customer engagement. Dynamically change channels and messages to tune into your customers’ needs. Tailor strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness and minimize costs.

Power Dial/Progressive Dial

Pace outbound contacts to drive maximum utilization of infrastructure and Agent resources with progressive and power (over-dial) dialing. Calls are placed to the customer first while automatic live person detection lets an Agent engage live customers while OCM manage retries and voicemail messages. OCM campaigns are Integrated with Swampfox Agent Desktop.

2-Way Communications

Empowering your customer through 2-way communications increases customer engagement and overall satisfaction. OCM enables full 2-way touch-tone and text messaging, as well as full 2-way speech, giving you the flexibility of collecting fixed and free-form responses. Integrate with backend systems to automate workflows.

Agent Blending

Blend agents effortlessly between outbound and inbound contacts automatically on a call by call basis. Maximize your Contact Center’s efficiency with agent resource monitoring and effortless blending of agent inbound and outbound operations. Unlike other systems that require dedicated (nailed up
connections) and manual mode change, OCM allows for idle inbound agents to handle proactive outbound engagement automatically when idle and without any additional steps for agents to take.

Agent Preview & Call Control

Agent Preview lets agents understand the customer need before contacting them to provide a better customer experience. Each contact is provided to the agent first to see context, campaign, and historic information on the Agent’s desktop. Optional Preview Timers or agent-initiated dialing allows the agent to control when the call is placed to a customer. Agents can disposition call attempts (“live person” or “voicemail”) and track metrics for business goals like “successful sale” or “customer notified” from agent desktop controls. OCM handles contact retries and leaving voicemail messages to save agents time from those tasks.

Mobile Application Integration

Many organizations have their own customer-facing mobile applications. With OCM, you can effortlessly integrate your campaigns to your mobile app, as we enable complete support of the mobile app channel through Push notifications.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Use real-time and historical reporting to provide insights into campaign effectiveness.

Personalized Customer Outreach

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