Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Natural Language for Elevated UX


Allow your inbound callers to quickly and simply direct their journey through the kind of advanced natural-language assistant that they have come to expect from their phones and smart speakers. Intelligent Virtual Assistant translates the spoken word to understand call intent, and seamlessly executes the next step in the interaction. Leverage the power of natural-language, advanced business rules and ai, to provide a world-class customer experience.


No More Lengthy Menus

With natural-language you harness the power of the spoken word and get rid of the lengthy menus your customers have been complaining about.

Improve Contact Routing

Optimize call routing through a more precise workflow. Quickly route the customer to an agent without requiring self-service options, while reducing misrouted contacts to the wrong agent or CSR.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise with the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.

Improved Accuracy in Self-Service

Through Call Intent Determination, Swampfox understands a customer’s request in their own language and engages them on a Self-Service application to meet their needs without having to wait for your staff.

Eliminate Voicemail Jail

No more menus, no more sub menus, no more continuous loops that cause your customers frustration.

Reuse rather than Replace

With the Swampfox Intelligent Virtual Assistant you can reuse your existing investment in IVR platforms, applications, and integrations. Instead of throwing out proven integrations and dialogs, IVA can understand the intent of a customer request and skip the long menu trees that usually have to be navigated to get the existing process. This reduces time to deploy and test and consequently reduces risk and costs.


Natural-Language Understanding

The spoken word is powerful but often your customers describe their needs in their own way and not using your business terms. Swampfox Intelligent Virtual Assistant understands the intent of the caller’s request and can naturally dialog with the customer to achieve their goal.

Conversational Experience

Deliver a modern, customer-focused experience by enabling your customers to guide their own journey. Studies have shown an increase in customer satisfaction by enabling natural-language applications.

IVR Integration

Repurpose IVR call flows with a natural language front-end by supporting the best of natural-language understanding integrating to your existing investment.

Call Intent Determination

Through advanced business rules and integrating to industry leading natural-language engines, we determine the spoken (or written) intent of your inbound customers that delivers an exceptional experience and helps them avoid frustrating “voicemail jail”.

Interaction Optimization

By leveraging natural-language, customer experiences are more pleasant and streamlined, and eliminate lengthy, time consuming menus.

Make Each Customer Interaction a Transformative Experience

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