Intelligent Greeting

Proactive Engagement


Proactively engage your inbound contacts with the most relevant, personalized, and actionable options through our Intelligent Greeting®. Through advanced business rules, statistical analysis, and AI, Intelligent Greeting predicts your callers intent, offers a chance for the customer to confirm and then swiftly and efficiently takes action by navigating your customer to the appropriate self service module or agent.


Increase Contact Engagement

By proactively engaging the caller and predicting call intent, Intelligent Greeting helps callers feel connected and confident that your organization understands their needs and can quickly and accurately meet them.

Reduce “Zeroing-Out”

By predicting the need for a customer request and getting engagement to proceed, customers don’t ask to “zero out” of traditional IVR trees. By refocusing your customer on meeting their need rather than requiring an agent to talk to, Intelligent Greeting delivers a customer-centric journey so you will see a reduction in your callers zeroing-out (opting out) because their needs are not addressed.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise with the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.

Increase Contact Containment

By delivering accurate and apt suggestions that a customer is contacting your business you can help drive the customer towards self-service options. Once your customer engages on a self-service task, they will complete it rather than risk restarting their requests with an Agent. With Intelligent Greeting, businesses have increased containment rates by more than 25%.

Increase Contact Resolution

Your customers are demanding a new level of customer service and are quick to escalate. Intelligent Greeting dramatically increases first contact resolution by matching to their needs and routing to the to the proper Agent group without making customer’s jump through touch-tone menus.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.


Proactive Intent Determination and Confirmation

Focused on enabling customer engagement, Intelligent Greeting, deftly confirms contact intent with a smooth and pleasant experience and delivers them to the proper Self-Service application or skilled agent.

Optimal Agent Hand-Off

When working with a live agent is the right choice for your caller, Intelligent Greeting, identifies the intent of the caller and, through Swampfox ICX, find the best available agent to provide the caller a rich, personal experience. Agents can view the customer’s journey along with your CRM, ERP, and business specific application through the integrated Swampfox Agent Desktop.

Directed “Nudges”

Uses context to suggest topics for context with Natural Language, options or digital (chatbot) options

Self-Service Integration

When self-service is the right choice for your caller, Intelligent Greeting, elegantly facilitates a cohesive self-service experience, whether “IVR,” Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or Visual IVR or Chatbot.

Powerful Workflow

Give the power to your business to change when and how to offer Intelligent Greetings through our simplified management tools.

Make Each Customer Interaction a Transformative Experience

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