Swampfox & IAUG Present
Innovating & Extending Your Avaya Contact Center

Innovate In Place creates a new paradigm
for Contact Center Transformation

In this session, Contact Center experts from Swampfox Technologies will discuss an evolving trend, Innovate In Place, and how this pragmatic approach is fueling rapid innovation in organizations with Avaya Contact Centers.

Too many Avaya customers are thinking that migration to another cloud platform is the only path for success.  Swampfox disagrees.  And, in this Webinar we will show you an alternative course of action where your current infrastructure is not only a huge asset, but contains the key components upon which to build transformational excellence.

If you are interested in squeezing more out of your investment in Avaya, this session is for you.  Additionally, if you are considering a move to the Cloud, Swampfox provides a pathway for migration and future growth.

Session Highlights

  • An Introduction to Innovate in Place
  • Uncovering Innovation:  Examples of transformation happening today
  • 5 Steps to extend the life of your Avaya CC, evolve your systems capabilities and plot your own path to the Cloud

Event Details


Feb 22, 2023

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)


Password: TechnologyRecomposition

Innovate in Place, a Pragmatic, yet Mind-Blowing, Approach to Contact Center Transformation

Radically unleash the power of your legacy Solutions, Systems & Applications through Technology Recomposition.

Innovate in Place:  a Business Transformation and Performance Improvement Strategy where an organization’s older, legacy technologies are transmuted into integrated building blocks and synchronously platformed to create a more scalable, adaptable and powerful business solution.  Innovate in Place is built upon the technique of Technology Recomposition.  

Ultimately, an organization is able to extend the life of legacy technologies and evolve overall systems capabilities while improving team efficiency and performance.  Lastly, this approach creates a flexible pathway for Cloud utilization, migration and adoption.