ICX Service Monitor

Maximize Your Contact Center Performance


Ensure your contact center is always customer-ready with ICX Service Monitor. Our innovative platform offers peace of mind by continually verifying the availability and functionality of your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and connected applications. Experience seamless real-time service assurance with customizable test scripts that emulate live calls, checking everything from simple welcome messages to complex interactions involving backend systems.

Benefits of ICX Service Monitor

Reduced Customer Churn

By keeping systems reliable, you maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Smooth Updates & Launches

Minimize manual testing and support issues during system updates.

Accelerated Cloud Migration

Quick fault detection and resolution through automated testing.

Cost Savings

Reduce the expense of manual testing by employing automation.

Load Handling Assurance

Be confident in your system’s ability to handle high traffic periods.

Compliance with SLAs:

Regular testing ensures you meet all regulatory service level agreements.

With ICX Service Monitor, you can:

Validate Readiness

Instantly confirm that your contact center infrastructure and applications are operational and business-ready before your first customer call of the day.

Immediate Alerting

Receive instant notifications and detailed alerts via email for any disruptions or system failures, enabling rapid response and resolution to maintain uninterrupted service excellence.

Simulate Real Customer Interactions

Our detailed test cases mimic genuine customer call flows, navigating through the IVR and probing each layer of your system to ensure every aspect is performing as intended, including all backend integrations.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring each component of your contact center is functioning optimally, you deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience that builds trust and loyalty.

You’re not just monitoring systems; you’re guaranteeing a reliable, efficient, and customer-focused contact center environment. Elevate your contact center’s performance and reliability today.

Enhance Operations with Tailored Applications

Automated IVR Testing

Scripted calls navigate your IVR system to ensure critical customer paths are functioning correctly.

Callback Testing

Confirm the effectiveness of your callback system regardless of vendor.

Prioritization and Alerts

Set priorities for tests and receive immediate email notifications for any issues, which can be escalated as needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports and audio recordings of failed calls to quickly pinpoint problems.

TTY Testing

Validate TTY functionality by sending and receiving TTY messages to systems ensuring testing requirements are being fulfilled and SLAs are being met.

Efficient QA/UAT

Automate your regression testing to save time and maintain consistency.

Custom Testing Schedules

You decide how often to run tests – daily, weekly, or monthly – to suit your business needs.

Agent Testing

Ensure customers can reach agents without any hiccups in the system.

Flexible Campaign Timing

Schedule tests for any time of day, including before opening hours, to guarantee readiness.

Managed and Support Services

Let Swampfox manage and maintain your testing scripts, with support available to address any issues promptly.

Web and Chatbot Functionality

Extend testing to include your online customer service tools.

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