Swampfox is proud to manage applications and infrastructure in a cloud hosting model.


Increasingly, enterprises understand that customer experience as delivered through Speech/DTMF and multichannel services (IVR, SMS, Email, Web) are as intricate to their brand as ongoing management of their contact center workforce. Contact centers spend $30,000-$40,000 per agent position, per year, including salary, management, monitoring, compliance, routing, and building/infrastructure.

Self-service/IVR and other automated services dramatically lower the cost of providing service, but only if those services can meet the needs of their customers. An out-of-date, malfunctioning, or suboptimal solution will likely cause the customer to “zero out” to get to an agent, which defeats much of the point of the investment.

A challenge in operating “IVR” and self-service automation solutions is that the expertise required to manage the applications and infrastructure it is quite different from operating a contact center. While much of contact center operations are dedicated to ensuring that calls are connected to a trained agent and contact center supervision is focused on recruiting, training, managing, monitoring, and scheduling agents to ensure they are properly representing the business.

Swampfox Transparent Hosting with Managed Services is focused on bridging the management and operational gap between your focus on your Agent workforce and the needs of your customers receiving service via Self-service operations.

Swampfox is proud to have three Transparent Hosting offers for three distinct needs:

Transparent Hosting: Extended Enterprise

Customer operates their own on-premises contact center or is hosted through a partner hosted/cloud contact center solution while Swampfox hosts the IVR platform, applications, and integrations. Solutions are connected via a dedicated data transport (MPLS or other SDWAN infrasutrcuture) so all trunking remains within customer-managed domain and calls are extended to Swampfox for IVR applications and return to customer network for routing.

This offer is designed for:
Transparent Hosting Extended Enterprise is for customers who value customer experience but don’t have or want the “heavy lifting” with maintaining the IVR, Speech Applications, and other associated self-service applications.

Transparent Hosting: Augmented Enterprise

Customer owns the premise-based contact center solution or partner hosted/cloud contact center and Swampfox hosts IVR platform and provides trunking services through partner-provided SIP trunks directly into the IVR. Calls can be transferred at carrier level to customer premises.

With Augmented Enterprise, customers have the option of sending “IVR” bound traffic over MPLS links to the Swampfox Hosting centers or simply having traffic bound for IVR sent to SIP trunks that land at the Transparent Hosting center.

Identification, verification, and segmentation occur on the Experience Portal solution and if a contact center agent is required, calls can be sent via MPLS to the contact center location or can be sent via carrier level (TNT/NGN) to the customer premises.

Customers who can be served by self-service are contained on the Transparent Hosting platform and never impact the trunking requirements for the contact center.

This offer is designed for:
Contact Centers which don’t have the desire, capacity, or expertise to manage the IVR as the core part of the customer experience that it represents.

Transparent Hosting: Harmonized Enterprise

Customer owns contact center and some IVR functions. Bursts in traffic are extended to the Swampfox IVR platforms running the same application as within the Enterprise, providing on-demand capacity that is harmonized with the customer experience provided within the Enterprise.

With this Harmonized Enterprise, you have multiple options:

  • Extend to the Swampfox Transparent Hosting center via standard Avaya Session Manager (ASM) connectivity. The Swampfox Transparent Hosting delivers the same exact experience as regular IVR ports, since it’s the same exact application with the same connectivity and not some “hobbled” IVR experience.”
  • Allow the network to redirect excess traffic into the SIP trunks coming from the PSTN into the Swampfox Transparent Hosting center. Again, any applications landing in Transparent Hosting are exactly the same applications as living in the Enterprise with the same connectivity. Once the application needs to be sent to the Contact Center, these calls can be directed through the MPLS connection or back through the network.

The key value to the Transparent Hosting Harmonized Enterprise is that the applications are the same, the user experience is the same, and the management of these additional assets is delivered as they are needed.

This offer is designed for:
Contact Centers which already have an investment in Experience Portal but need to occasionally handle a burst of unexpected traffic. Today, customers with the limited premises-only model for Experience Portal have to redirect calls into a Communication Manager queue if all IVR ports are full, play hold music for the IVR, or transfer the call to an alternate service provider (running a different app on a proprietary platform).

In all Transparent Hosting models, systems are proactively monitored and managed 7/24 at the platform, data network, and critical applications layer.

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