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Intelligent Callback


Our Intelligent Callback application, First In Line, is our most critically acclaimed solution. With the power to immediately and dramatically improve call management and customer satisfaction, while reducing staffing costs and infrastructure expenses, your organization will thrive. First In Line is packed with advanced features, provides exceptional reporting, works seamlessly with your existing systems and provides turn-key apps for both web and mobile devices. 


Improved Call Management

Callback is offered based upon a broad range of factors including: estimated wait time, agent expertise, hours of operation, holidays, and more. When integrated with ICX and DRM, First In Line adds call management such as outsourcer callbacks, segmentation and caller profile, caller intent and even caller location. Schedules callbacks to connect the right agent, at the right time to hit service levels you were missing before.

Reduce Staffing Costs

Shift “peaks” of inbound contacts into near-term “valleys” of available agent time to reduce the need for overstaffing and outsourcer charges. By scheduling appointments during the day, you can help manage staffing levels, shifting after-hours customer calls into available agent time.

Advanced Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting provides a beautiful dashboard for summarized key metrics and robust operational details for minute-by-minute statistics on the effectiveness of the system. Additionally, we provide the capability for you to enter trunk, agent, and supervision costs to produce targeted financial metrics to justify your investment.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will love your customer-centric, multi-channel approach that values their time and availability. Callbacks are scheduled to be convenient for your customers and are managed to connect them with an agent with the right skills and experience to resolve their question or concern.

Lower Infrastructure Expense

Improve the way you handle peak times and reduce the strain on your technology infrastructure. With First In Line you will reduce agenda handle time, reduce toll free charges and reverse inbound charges to outbound capacity, thus reducing network traffic that has a negative impact to network performance and costs.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise with the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.

Understanding Callback

Business Benefits & Impacts for CC


Intelligent Callback

Automated enrollment, queuing, and delivery of requested callbacks to agents. Monitors overall customer experience through contact center statistics using advanced Expected Wait Time (EWT) metrics and offers customer options to opt-in for immediate or scheduled callback.

Scheduled Callback

Let’s a customer choose from a managed set of appointments to schedule a callback for the perfect agent (through a requested skill-set) to resolve their request. Scheduled Callback even works when your Contact Center is closed in evenings or weekends and lets customers schedule a time to speak with an agent during normal operational hours.

Mobile Device & Website Integration

Web services API that allows direct integration into your web or mobile application environment.

Mobile Device & Website Client (App)

A completely configurable, “out of the box” Mobile / Web App will enable you to extend your Intelligent Callback to both the website and mobile device channels. This robust App is fully skinnable and provides more options to support your customers and service their way.

Immediate Callback (ASAP)

Manages position within queue for requested agent skills and proactively connects the customer with the properly skilled agent, holding their place in line. This frees your customers from having to listen to “hold music” and frees your Enterprise from paying for thousands of hours of toll-free charges, trunking, and agent staffing.

Customer First Callbacks

Calls your customers when they have reached the head of the queue, verifies their availability and then connects to your agent staff. Customer First Callbacks reduce agent occupancy and handle time, optimizing your workforce for times when you can least afford it. Customer First and Agent First Callbacks can be designated on any queue at any time by your administrators.

Agent First Callbacks

Monitors queue positions and engages your agents before contacting the customer. FIL then provides, through either “whisper” controls or with the optional Swampfox Agent Desktop, the ability for agents to Preview a callback, listening to important details about the call including the reason the caller was calling, who they are, before the agent connects to the customer. True “white glove” service (no waiting for the customer) and business applications supports agents contacting extensions behind office “switchboards”.

Understanding First In Line

For many call center operations, Service Level Management is a minute-by-minute ordeal. Constantly balancing agent-staffing levels and expertise against wait times and call handle times has many call center managers playing a perpetual game of “air traffic controller.” At the same time, end-customers suffer through long and uneven wait times that could cause customers to leave and never come back.

Swampfox has solved this problem by providing a better approach to Service Level Management through First In Line™. Swampfox First In Line doesn’t simply focus on Service Level Management; it also understands the broader implications around Customer Experience and therefore brings a laser focus to the end-user experience.

Swampfox Agent Desktop Integrated Preview

With First In Line integrated to Swampfox Agent Desktop, your agents can manage callbacks with full knowledge of the customers and their reason for the call.

Mobile App

With First In Line, customer’s can contact you however and whenever they find convenient, through your website, through your mobile app, or through phone even if you centers are closed and schedule a callback for when you have time and capacity to serve them.

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