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Our Engagement Practice has achieved broad recognition from Clients, Business Partners and industry leaders as the crown jewel of Swampfox, with strong offerings in both Consulting and Professional Services. While most technology organizations are focused on engineering talent, the fact that our focus is in the Contact Center space, makes our human resources even more foundational. Contact Centers are successful when they are adept at creating authentic, human experiences that create commitment and loyalty. Each and every Swampfox consultant, engineer, business analyst and project manager has roots grown in customer service and enabling business through technology.


NextGen Contact Center Workshop

Aligned with Swampfox’s Intelligent Customer Experience (ICE), transformation practice, the NextGen Contact Center Workshop is our most comprehensive consulting engagement. It includes our Customer Experience Review & Journey Mapping and Contact Center Financial Review along with a robust, interactive Business Discovery, market focused Benchmark Analysis and thorough technical infrastructure analysis. Ultimately, through this initiative, you will gain insight and clarity for overall Contact Center performance, customer experience, agent experience, WFO/WFM practices and financial health. Of equal importance, we will provide recommendations to improve the alignment and execution of your Contact Center to the organization business goals and strategic direction.

Customer Experience (CX) Review & Journey Mapping

Delivering a best-in-class customer experience begins with fully understanding your customers. From who they are to where they are to their expectations and preferences. Through this consultative offering, our team of Contact Center experts will take a deep dive into every facet of your customer support and customer service capability, including all touch points, overall delivery and performance. We provide a comprehensive review of your current processes, procedures, tools and metrics, and then present a comparison to industry best practices. Additionally, we provide documented, prioritized recommendations to optimize your customer experience.

Professional Services

Avaya Aura Elite Routing

Optimize your routing and immediately improve your customer experience. Anchored by 50+ years of expertise in contact centers, Swampfox focuses on stepping out of the conventional approach that locks out business decision makers from managing the customer experience.

Our Team of routing experts will help you take a deeper look at your existing routing implementation to improve business aligned segmentation, separation of user experience from VDNs (Avaya), and reporting integrity for insight into customer experience versus agent activity. Your enhanced routing will see immediate improvements in your key metrics for service level attainment, abandon rate, transfer rate (routing accuracy), caller hold rate, average handle time, average speed of answer and

more, while giving business owners the ability to quickly manage change without long implementation cycles.

Speech Application Tuning Service

Improve your systems ability to determine caller intent and achieve higher containment by optimizing your Speech Application. Through this targeted service offering, our highly experience senior engineers implement refined tuning for your Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution. Speech Application Tuning studies how end users of speech applications (usually speech recognition, although there are some aspects of touch-tone prompting) understand your prompts and speak (or select touch tones) that map to the goals of the speech application. By understanding the prompts that are given to callers and how customers will respond to those prompts, applications will improve over time to better match the vocabulary that callers will use and applications can better meet their goals.

Application and Solution Load Testing

Ensuring your Contact Center infrastructure can scale to handle customer demands is critical to your business. The Contact Center has a number of unique requirements that make infrastructure performance and service delivery extremely challenging, making it imperative to have true Content Center experts design and develop the approach and methods to ensure you are covered. Via our dedicated Testing Center, we take a complete systems approach with a comprehensive approach to test end to end solutions from network access to platforms to backend data access (through web services, databases, CRM, ERP, etc). Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to test 10,000+ ports simultaneously and testing is end to end — i.e. the testing is done from our remote testing facility. We not only apply the load, but also can monitor the system under test and should issue arise help the customer debug the root cause of the issue.

Our experts will apply load to a customer’s platform and application (“system”) in a controlled manner. Utilizing our proprietary load driver software, we emulate a human caller and stress a customer’s system and monitor the system as the load is applied and measure Key Performance Indicators — CPU, memory, fetch latencies, ASR accuracy, etc. — while under load.

Active Monitoring and Management (AMMS)

Under the Active Management and Monitoring Service (AMMS) Swampfox acts as an extension of your IT infrastructure department to ensure your AEP platform and related applications are healthy and running without incident. Through this managed service offering we proactive monitor and manage both software and hardware solution components, and should an issue arise, Swampfox engineers will actively engage to triage/resolve issues. Extend your support team, in a snap with a team of dedicated, experienced Contact Center engineers. AMMS is powered by our proprietary monitoring software that runs within your environment and provides in depth reporting for optimized staffing and oversight.

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