Chatbot and Visual IVR Workflows


Chatbots and Visual IVR Workflows enable Contact Centers to leverage technology to reduce manual service and support and automate customer interactions.  Developing these solutions are often complex and require a significant investment in a focused project team.  Our team of experts is ready to help you create the right solution for your unique business requirements.  Need help with defining your Chatbot and Visual IVR Workflow projects, first?  We can help, ask us about our ICE Methodology, which provides a structured, step by step process to guide you from Discovery through Implementation and Training.

  • Text and Visual (HTML5) applications to support self-service tasks
  • Application Requirements Gathering
  • Natural Language and Visual Interface Design
  • Text and Visual (HTML5) workflow Application Development
  • Integration to Enterprise Applications including CRM systems (, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics), ERP systems, Billing Systems, ITIL systems, etc.
  • Custom logic and integration development to Databases and Web Services


  • Self-Service Billing (Payments, Billing Status, Account Management)
  • Claims Status (insurance) and Filing
  • Support Status and Management
  • Information Location (knowledge base, dealer locator)
  • Purchasing of Services (tickets, on demand content, plans, etc)

Tools of the Trade

  • Advanced Business Rules
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Applications and Platforms

  • Swampfox Digital Chatbot User Experience
  • Swampfox Digital Chat Engagement
  • Swampfox Digital Visual Experience
  • Swampfox Agent Desktop

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