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The Voice Channel continues to be the number one choice for customer service and support. By leveraging Callback in your Contact Center you will experience happier callers, happier agents, improved CSAT & KPI’s, and smoother running systems and technology infrastructure.

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Customer Experience (CX)




CC & Agent Operations


Systems & Technology

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Understanding Callback

The Callback Workflow is fully customizable, but here are the basics…

The Numbers Tell the Story

Customer Service is
the Key to Loyalty


95% of respondents cite customer service as important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand.


Customers Prefer
Phone Support


39% of Customers prefer talking with a Customer Service Agent over all other channels.


Customers Dislike
being placed on Hold


90% of your Customers Don’t Want to Wait on Hold (for more than 5 minutes)


in summary

One of the greatest opportunities we have to improve the customer experience (CX) is to find a better alternative to placing callers on hold when our agents are busy.

Let’s put that another way…

Stop putting callers on hold, it makes them angry, costs your organization a lot of money, and crushes agent productivity!


Our Callback Solution: First In Line

Our Intelligent Callback application, First In Line, is our most critically acclaimed solution. With the power to immediately and dramatically improve call management and customer satisfaction, while reducing staffing costs and infrastructure expenses, your organization will thrive. First In Line is packed with advanced features, provides exceptional reporting, works seamlessly with your existing systems and provides turn-key apps for both web and mobile devices.

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The Impact of Callback

Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Show your callers that you value their time and put them in control of of their journey! Your customers choose phone support because it is convenient, simple and human. But, when your Agents are not immediately available and wait time escalates their experience can quickly turn negative. With Callback from Swampfox (First In Line) you can be confident that your customers will enjoy the personal experiences they expect with a more streamlined approach to call resolution.

Long Wait Times? No Problem.

  • Prioritize the Caller’s Time
  • Communicate Clear Expectations
  • Offer an Immediate or Scheduled Callback
  • Ensure Secure Communications

Lift CSAT & KPI’s

The downstream effects of long wait times are manifested in your overall customer satisfaction metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). When you proactively manage your voice channel with Callback from Swampfox (First In Line), you reduce customer frustration, reduce agent angst and make the entire process for efficient. The result, soaring CSAT, NPS and more!

Happier Callers show their appreciation!

  • Reduce Abandon Rates
  • Reduce Hold Times
  • Reduce Call Handle Times
  • Improve First Call Resolution


Customer Experience (CX)


Customer Experience (CX)

Enhance CC & Agent Operations

Callback provides an immediate and significant impact on both your Agents and your overall Contact Center Operations. Agent scheduling and team optimization is a snap, as inbound call volumes are proactively balanced with agent availability. Agent performance and satisfaction will climb as callers are in a positive mindset and excited that their Agent understands the reason for their call and are armed to resolve their inquiry, the first time.

Uplevel Performance & Satisfaction

  • Balance Inbound Call Volumes
  • Proactively Manage Off-Hour Calls
  • Optimize Staffing Levels & Costs
  • Empower Agents with Complete Info

Optimize Systems & Technology

When you manage inbound call traffic via Callback from Swampfox (First In Line), your Information Technology team will laud your efforts. By implementing Callback, you divert expensive toll free calls to less expensive outbound calls. No more wasting dollars paying for your callers hold time! Additionally, your overall voice infrastructure will enjoy reduced pressures and cost savings related to both SIP Trunking and Bandwidth, as inbound call volumes are reduced.

Reduce Infrastructure Expenses

  • Convert Inbound Calls to Outbound Calls
  • Reduce Costs of Inbound Toll Free Calls
  • Reduce Costs of SIP Trunking
  • Reduce Costs of Bandwidth


Understanding Callback (Feb 26th, 2021)

The Voice Channel continues to be the number one choice for customer service and support. So why do companies still place callers on extended holds, when they know it is a source of major frustration? In this webinar we will discuss how Callback improves customer experience (CX), lifts CSAT & KPI’s, enhances CC & agent operations and optimizes systems & technology.

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