Swampfox at
Avaya Engage 2024


Join us at Booth #333 at the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver

This year at Avaya ENGAGE 2024, Swampfox is ready to help you Migrate, Innovate and Transform your Contact Center:

Migrate your Full Avaya Contact Center Cloud

That’s right, All of it…including the full breadth of your Self-Service applications / solutions.

Innovate For Exceptional CX and Optimal Performance

Now you have a direct path, streamlined to the newest features & capabilities to elevate CX.

Transform For a Modern, Rapidly Evolving, Global World

If you are truly ready to shift to the next paradigm of contact center excellence, we’ve got you covered.

Event Details


May 13 – 15 2024


Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The Power of Callback Strategies

Wednesday May 15th

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Tom Hanson & Michael Rhodes , Swampfox Technologies


Colorado Convention Center,

Downtown Denver




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Innovate in Place, a Pragmatic, yet Mind-Blowing, Approach to Contact Center Transformation

Radically unleash the power of your legacy Solutions, Systems & Applications through Technology Recomposition.

Innovate in Place:  a Business Transformation and Performance Improvement Strategy where an organization’s older, legacy technologies are transmuted into integrated building blocks and synchronously platformed to create a more scalable, adaptable and powerful business solution.  Innovate in Place is built upon the technique of Technology Recomposition.  

Ultimately, an organization is able to extend the life of legacy technologies and evolve overall systems capabilities while improving team efficiency and performance.  Lastly, this approach creates a flexible pathway for Cloud utilization, migration and adoption.