Customer Experience (CX)


Customer Experience (CX)

The Swampfox Customer Experience (CX) Assessment is an integrated assessment designed by Contact Center experts to discover, evaluate and document the processes, people and technologies that come together in your customer journey. Through this Assessment you will be empowered to optimize your Customer Experience while boosting profitability, increasing revenues and controlling costs


The Assessment begins with a half-day Workshop which is followed by Detailed Discovery.

Detailed Discovery initializes with one-on-one meetings with appropriate leaders and team members. The end-user experience is captured by identifying and recording workflow happy paths (voice and/or digital), which are then scored against established KPIs and metrics.

For optimal results we recommend the Workshop include key stakeholders including Executives, Customer Care Center Management, Line of Business Owners, and IT owners.

NOTE: Workshop and Meetings are typically conducted virtually.

Goals & Objectives

Get an inside-out view of the customer experiences your organization is creating throughout the customer journey. Through this comprehensive assessment our CX experts identify, evaluate and document the processes, people and technologies that come together from disparate parts of your company in the name of customer support. By leveraging the information and insights provided as the result of the CX Assessment, your organization will be prepared to:

  1. Boost Profitability by maximizing customer experience and increasing lifetime customer value, without incremental spend
  2. Increase Revenues by targeting cross-sell, upsell, and adjacencies when customer sentiment is positive
  3. Control Costs by enhancing predictability of internal spend

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Outcomes & Deliverables

We deliver a comprehensive report of all findings, a clear and direct executive summary, and a list of recommended actions. The documentation includes both Internal Operations and Customer Experience.


Comprehensive Report


Current Customer Experience


Key Metrics


Recommended Actions


Executive Summary


Optimized Customer Journeys


Line of Business

Engages with your line of business to understand your primary customer experience challenges.

  • Understand and evaluate end customer perception of service, sales and support.
  • Evaluate how customer experiences align with your brand and the customer segmentation strategies required to meet internal marketing and business goals.
  • Capture key customer “pain points” which negatively affect your brand.


Work with your Contact Center Staff and Work Force Management Staff

Evaluate the current customer experience through KPIs

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Scores
  • CSAT metrics aligned to needs and segments

Perform End-User Usability Analysis

  • Discoverability
  • Analysis of Terminology, Vocabulary, Recoverability
  • Determine initial usability through Customer Effort Index

Evaluate operational statistics for Contact Center operations

  • Service Level
  • Wait Times
  • Abandon Rates

Perform “what if” analysis to determine viable effectiveness of recommendations

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Metrics


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