Applications for Contact Center

Innovation for Complex Interactions

In our core, we are software developers who grew up in the Contact Center space and have borne witness to the incredible evolution of technology and its impact on the business.  Throughout multiple decades of hands-on experience, we have conceptualized, designed, developed and productized some of the most renowned customer-centric solutions in the market.  Today, our Applications are used by enterprise and mid-market clients to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Applications for Contact Center


Proactive Engagement

Proactively engage your inbound contacts with the most relevant, personalized, and actionable options through our Intelligent Greeting®. Through advanced business rules, statistical analysis, and AI, Intelligent Greeting predicts your callers intent, offers a chance for the customer to confirm and then swiftly and efficiently takes action by navigating your customer to the appropriate self service module or agent.

Virtual Assistant

Natural Language for Elevated UX

Allow your inbound callers to quickly and simply direct their journey through the kind of advanced natural-language assistant that they have come to expect from their phones and devices.   Intelligent Virtual Assistant translates the spoken word to understand call intent, and seamlessly executes the next step in the interaction.  Leverage the power of natural-language, advanced business rules and ai, to provide a world-class customer experience.

Dynamic Route

Delivering Customers to Ideal Agents

Our Dynamic Route Manager™ (DRM) engine orchestrates customer routing across channel to deliver the customer to the ideal agent resource. By dramatically simplifying the management and reporting of customer handling and routing, DRM unlocks the value you have based on your contact center and outsourcer infrastructure. DRM provides a differentiated customer experience by routing contacts to contact centers, queues and attributes, while always considering your explicit business rules.

First In

Intelligent Callback

Our Intelligent Callback application, First In Line, is our most critically acclaimed solution.  With the power to immediately and dramatically improve call management and customer satisfaction, while reducing staffing costs and infrastructure expenses, your organization will delight your customers and reduce costs.  First In Line is packed with advanced features, provides exceptional reporting, works seamlessly with your existing systems and provides turn-key apps for both web and mobile devices.

Voice of
Experience Survey

Integrated Surveys for CC

Understanding your customers experiences is critical to delivering outstanding service.  With our Voice of Experience (VoX) application, you can quickly and easily tap into the your customers feelings, sentiments and impressions through the power of a modern survey tool that is driven by the spoken word (voice).  VoX is fully integrated with your Contact Center stack, so that surveys are simple to design, develop and execute.  And, with our powerful reporting engine, you get results in a snap.

Campaign Manager

Engaging Customer Communications

Proactively communicate and engage with your customers through the feature rich outbound campaign solution. Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM),  is fully integrated with your existing customer systems and campaign operations which makes execution more streamlined and less daunting. Elevate the customer experience by engaging your customers on the right channel at the right time with full multi-channel support, including SMS, smartphone apps, email, IVR and live agent.

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