Application and Solution Load Testing

Ensuring your Contact Center infrastructure can scale to handle customer demands is critical to your business. The Contact Center has a number of unique requirements that make infrastructure performance and service delivery extremely challenging, making it imperative to have true Content Center experts design and develop the approach and methods to ensure you are covered. Via our dedicated Testing Center, we take a complete systems approach with a comprehensive approach to test end to end solutions from network access to platforms to backend data access (through web services, databases, CRM, ERP, etc). Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to test 10,000+ ports simultaneously and testing is end to end — i.e. the testing is done from our remote testing facility. We not only apply the load, but also can monitor the system under test and should issue arise help the customer debug the root cause of the issue.

Our experts will apply load to a customer’s platform and application (“system”) in a controlled manner. Utilizing our proprietary load driver software, we emulate a human caller and stress a customer’s system and monitor the system as the load is applied and measure Key Performance Indicators — CPU, memory, fetch latencies, ASR accuracy, etc. — while under load.

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