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Swampfox Agent Desktop™ (SFAD) lets your agents know who your customers are, easily communicate with them, and intelligently provides them service all through a “single pane of glass” that helps them manage their contact center customer journey. Through this configurable desktop application your agents actually knows who is calling and never has to ask a customer to repeat their name or account number. The Swampfox Agent Desktop can do so much more including accessing customer information including CRM records, billing systems, and IVR entered data. SFAD also acts as a single managed communications control with call controls, chat messaging, and agent state all in a unified client. Simply put, the Swampfox Agent Desktop is designed to empower agents and reduce call time by providing control and actionable intelligence customized for of each agent.


Thorough Context Capture

The number one frustration customers report in using IVRs is the inability for the system to capture an account number and make it available to a contact center agent. With Swampfox Agent Desktop, your agent never has to ask a customer to repeat their account number or name. Customer provided information whether spoken, entered through touch-tones, sent through text messaging or even by chatbot, is seamlessly presented to your contact center agents.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With all relevant information already in front of them, agents can focus on the needs of the customer rather than trying to navigate through multiple screens applications and screens. Your customers will love your customer-centric approach as each agent personalizes their experience through knowledge of the caller.

We Play Nice with Others

All of our Applications are built to work with your existing technology infrastructure and solutions. We have deep expertise with the leading Contact Center technologies, including Avaya and Cisco.

Increase Agent Productivity

The Agent Desktop provides call and chat control, customer information, and account management in a single pane of glass allowing your agents to be faster and more efficient, minimizing the amount of time spent on each contact

Lower Infrastructure Expense

By empowering each agent to shorten their own average time spent per call, you can reduce concurrent network traffic, better manage associated staffing costs and improve call management capabilities, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.

Built for Complex Requirements

We really shine when your requirements are complex. We are Contact Center consultants and innovators who have developed amazing applications that make superior customer experiences happen.


Unified Agent Communication Controls and Context

Swampfox Agent Desktop provides unified communication controls and intelligent “screen pop” in a single application. Telephony and optional Swampfox Digital Control in a single application set means agents can answer, transfer, hold/retrieve and release communications with full knowledge of customer information.

Integrated into your Contact Center

SFAD works hand in glove with Avaya Contact Center Elite and Swampfox Digital Chat Services to support Agent logins for skills for inbound and outbound communications.

Role Specific Customization

Desktop configuration can be defined on a group basis allowing for specialized transfer locations, business groups, or geographical sites depending on business needs. Supervision can define group policy while still allowing for individual agent customization within their workspace.

Enterprise Application Integration

Agent Desktop integrates with your enterprise CRM, ERP and account management applications to manage an intelligent and intuitive user interface. Combined with inbound contextual information or outbound campaign information, whatever information your team needs, SFAD can manage it.


With Agent Desktop, your Agents can engage your customers on any channel, from the same application. The single application that controls Telephone conversations can also manage conversations with Chat, Text Messaging and Social Media applications. Communicate with your customers on whatever channel provides the right method.

Manage Your Inbound / Outbound Contact Center Customer Journey Through a Single Pane of Glass

Swampfox Agent Desktop™ provides a  single pane of glass to help manage call context including CRM records, billing systems, and IVR entered data, call controls, chat messaging, and agent state all in a unified client. Your customers will love your customer-centric approach as each agent personalizes their experience through knowledge of the caller

Transfer Calls Seamlessly

Swampfox Agent Desktop™ offers a rich agent desktop experience that natively interacts with other components of the Swampfox Suite of Products including inbound and outbound applications, delivering advanced call control, and integrated application integration.

Boost Agent Productivity

Empower agents and reduce call time by integrating with customer specific tools and data including CRM, backend systems, VDI environments, and other systems. 

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