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Swampfox Technologies is a modern software, solutions and services company focused on empowering amazing customer journeys for the enterprise Contact Center.

Extraordinary customer experiences made possible.

Applications to Simplify
Complex Interactions

Throughout multiple decades of hands-on experience, we have conceptualized, designed, developed and productized some of the most renowned customer-centric solutions in the market. Our Applications are architected for enterprise and mid-market companies to extend the capabilities of their existing CC solutions, making extraordinary customer experiences possible.

Integrated Platform
Enables Enterprise CX

Our platform, Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX), empowers forward looking Contact Centers to develop engaging customer journeys to achieve world-class customer experiences. In essence, we make your current tools more powerful, while integrating all of your customer systems and providing a single, advanced reporting for improved management and oversight.

Experienced Contact
Center Consultants

Our Engagement Practice has achieved broad recognition from Clients, Business Partners and industry leaders as the crown jewel of Swampfox.  Each and every Swampfox consultant, engineer, business analyst and project manager has roots grown in customer service and enabling business through technology, and we are driven to serve our amazing clients.

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Applications for Contact Center

Next Generation
Digital Chat

Swampfox Digital is a digital chat tool that captures the intent of chat messages, and seamlessly executes the next step in the interaction.


Proactively engage your inbound contacts with the most relevant, personalized, and actionable options through our Intelligent Greeting. 

Natural Language
for Elevated UX

Intelligent Virtual Assistant translates the spoken word to understand call intent, and seamlessly executes the next step in the interaction. 

Delivering Customers
to the Ideal Agents

Our Dynamic Route Manager (DRM) engine orchestrates customer routing across channel to deliver the customer to the ideal agent resource. 


Our Intelligent Callback application, First In Line immediately and dramatically improves call management and customer satisfaction.

Integrated Surveys
for Contact Centers

With our Voice of Experience (VoX) application, you can quickly and easily tap into your customers feelings, with this modern survey tool. 

Proactive & Engaging
Customer Communications

Proactively communicate and engage with your customers through the feature rich Swampfox Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM).

Desktop Applications &
Call Control Manager

Swampfox Agent Desktop (SFAD) provides an intelligent “single pane of glass” to help manage the contact center customer journey. 

for enterprise contact centers

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Your Avaya Investment?

You know and trust Avaya for scale, routing and reporting. But do your trust Avaya with your customer’s experience. Swampfox focuses on transforming your CX by leveraging the existing Avaya Elite, CMS and Experience Portal elements you already trust with a brand new user experience. Why rebuy your infrastructure when you just need a new interface?

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It’s about our Platform..

Enhance & Empower Your Existing CC Infrastructure

Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) provides enterprise Contact Centers with the ability to instantly improve virtually every touchpoint in your customer journey by extending the features and capabilities of your existing solutions. In essence, we make your current tools more powerful, while integrating all of your customer systems and providing a single, advance reporting for improved management and oversight.

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